Your products may be automated, but the operator and maintenance personnel still need to know how to address an issue if something goes wrong.

With nearly two decades of experience supporting leading industrial manufacturers and automation system developers, EC Innovations has the expertise and resources to ensure that your automation systems are being accurately adapted to new languages for your company’s worldwide growth. From concept design and assembly to testing and distribution, EC Innovations answers to your every linguistic need.

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With ISO 17100:2015 certification, EC Innovations has a unique and flexible workflow specific to automation industry translation projects. Utilizing only qualified and hand-picked Subject Matter Experts to handle your translation projects, matching their experience with your project type and industry sector to provide technical translation services tailored to your solutions, including:

  • Industrial Automation & Control
  • Industrial Maintenance & Support
  • Industrial Networks
  • Industrial Security
  • Information Solutions
  • Process Solutions
  • Safety Solutions
  • Consulting & Integration Services

Quality Is Our Law, Precision Executes It

EC Innovations produces accurate and correct adaptation of technical content and software for manufacturers, ensuring that automation system implementation can be carried out across all aspects of the development process, including in the translation stage. Automation engineering translation resources are used for all applications, including:

  • Advanced Process Control
  • Operator Control and Monitoring Systems
  • PLM Software
  • Design & Operations Software
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Drive Systems
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Industrial Control Products
  • Industrial Network Products
  • Industrial Sensing Devices
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Training

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