At EC Innovations, we know that multilingual communication happens in real time; communication happens instantaneously with no room for error and no opportunity to edit. That’s why each of our professional interpreters has extensive hands-on experience, in-depth subject-specific knowledge, and an ability to integrate cultural preferences within a split second. 

EC Innovations currently offers two types of interpretation: Consecutive (live and over-the-phone) and Simultaneous. 

Consecutive interpretation 

Consecutive interpretation is most commonly used in legal settings (trials, depositions, client/attorney meetings), one-on-one situations such as hospital/healthcare appointments, site visits and tours, and small group meetings. Interpreting equipment such as audio booths, whisper microphones, and headsets are not needed for this type of interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting is typically bi-directional. An example of this would be an attorney asking a question in English, an interpreter conveying the question to the defendant in Spanish, the defendant answering in Spanish, and, finally, the interpreter relaying the answer to the attorney in English.

When scheduling meetings that will involve consecutive interpretation, it is important to take into consideration the effect interpretation will have on the length of the event. Generally, the time allotted will need to be doubled, as every spoken word will need to be repeated in the other language.

Pricing for this service is based on half-day or full-day rates and may require reimbursement of travel costs.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous (or UN-style) interpretation is used when one person is addressing a group of people with little or no back-and-forth conversation involved. The interpreter does not wait for the speaker to finish before beginning to translate into the target language. Instead, he/she interprets simultaneously, lagging only a few words behind the speaker. This type of interpretation is used most often for conferences, training seminars, and sometimes small business meetings. Simultaneous interpretation does require interpretation equipment.

Highly professional interpreters with special training carry out this type of interpretation. Due to the demanding nature of the work, two linguists are required. The linguists will alternate, interpreting for 20 minutes at a time.

Pricing for this service varies by language and is typically based on half-day or full-day rates as well as equipment rental, shipping and travel costs.

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