As business processes become increasingly more complex, business management systems are commonly deployed to integrate multiple departments and functions.

EC Innovations is prepared to help cope with the complexity of enterprise applications with elaborate user interfaces and business management systems. Integrating everything from manufacturing to procurement, IT to marketing, human resources to accounting and multifaceted business management functionality.

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End-To-End Solutions

EC Innovations is a one-stop shop for business management consumers and suppliers operating on a global scale. We provide a comprehensive range of localization services, including:

  • Glossary and Style Guide Development
  • Translation/Localization of Documentation, Online Help, System UI and Database
  • Linguistic and Technical Review
  • Online and Offline Linguistic and Functionality Testing
  • Design and Desktop Publishing
  • QA System

Why choose ECInnovations?

At EC Innovations, we know how to meet and exceed any challenges our clients face:

  • Customer-centric, customizable solutions
  • In-country linguistic experts and reviewers
  • Experienced workflow management to ensure quality
  • Regional expertise to identify various cultural nuances found in business management
  • Exceptional experiences in business management application localization and translation
  • Linguistic and functionality testing for any and all applications
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