EC Innovations has developed a Translation Business Management System (TBMS), an out-of-the-box and ready-to-use web-based SaaS solution for both translation management and related business intelligence. The system manages the whole localization project lifecycle and supply chain and offers a unique combination of functionality and technical flexibility. 

TBMS adapts to your optimized processes, not forcing you to adapt to ours, by using amazingly simple visual workflow customization, real-time project dashboard, intelligent file-sorting, flexible project assignment, automatic file and process control, vendor performance evaluation, centralized language asset management, etc.. 

With TBMS, users can reduce project management time and costs dramatically! 

TBMS addresses the following challenges and pain points: 

● Lost assignment emails
● Unable to verify right files are downloaded and uploaded
● Unknown status
● Unclear process
● Hard to track history & information
● Manually handling POs/Invoices
● Inflexible workflows that are hard to change, forcing you to use sub-optimal workflows for the sake of simplicity
● Too much work involved in assigning to multiple vendors
● Email overload (queries, assignments, etc.) Hard to monitor quality
● Too difficult to evaluate vendor performance without related information

TBMS Features: 
● Easy to set up a regular project or a child project which inherits all project requirements from its parent project
● Simple assignment of projects to different vendors for different languages and different type of tasks
● Flexible for different types of projects. Project manager can assign a simple project by a few clicks and let TBMS control and guide all processes based on predefined workflows; or project manager can control and monitor all processes with the help of TBMS, adding miscellaneous tasks any time during a project
● Flexible PO- and invoice-handling: TBMS allows one-to-many or many-to one PO assignments
Create and modify a workflow template visually with simple, icon-based drag-and-drop design: the system isn't just drawing a translation process for you to execute, this IS the design and implementation!
● Customize workflows for different types of projects and even by individual language
● Customize ad-hoc workflows for translation
● Workflows can go forward and backward based on predefined conditions or manual operations
● Different tasks can be easily assigned to different vendors without increasing the workload of project managers
● Apply workflow templates to other future projects or make it a rule in the system
● Optimize vendors by evaluating and rating vendors based on customized KPIs: all aspects of vendor performance captured by TBMS during ongoing projects
● Easy version-control and true management by exception
● Easily create and manage queries
● Simple to customize project instructions based on knowledge database
● Automatic file version-control: files can be updated at any time with no risk or contamination of previous versions. The system notifies PM of new versions; then, depending on the workflow parameters, the system can push through new content to be distributed for translation
● Report the real-time status and progress of a project with project dashboard
● Online terminology maintenance and shared terminology across the whole organization and with vendors
● Automatic TM maintenance by TBMS, no need for manual clean-up and merging
● Download finished files in their original source format or a specified new format
● Client portal allows internal clients to assign projects and access the system to check project progress on a real-time basis
● Resource Management. TBMS makes resource allocation transparent. The availability status of internal and external resources is recorded on a daily basis. Project managers assign work to available resources for upcoming projects or reserve suitable resources for planned projects.
Workflow Implementation. The entire project workflow is implemented on TBMS, from project kick-off, resource allocation, file distribution, and TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) to QC (Quality Control) processes and project sign-off. It offers an integrated and visualized process for project management.
● QA System. The QA system in TBMS is an integrated management platform for QA-related tasks. Therein, the QA specialists evaluate vendor performance and their compliance with the regulated project workflow based on their output during the production process, such as Language Quality Reports, checklists, surveys, client feedbacks and so on.
Knowledge Management. TBMS knowledge database includes various references, valuable experience and skills, and technical specifications, project case studies. Project managers from different branches can access the system to search knowledge, share information, and get support. An internal forum provides a platform for all project managers, localization engineers, translators and reviewers to share experiences and discuss questions.
● Centralized Purchase Order (PO)/Invoice management.
● Business management. The statistics function of the system aids management in surveying and analyzing the overall operation, thereby helping users to develop a business strategy. Reports and diagrams are generated for management to review business growth, financial status, and performance evaluation results.

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