Why choose us

Why choose us

EC Innovations engages industry-leading specialists, and aligns language experts to provide solutions ranging from consultation services, cultural and linguistic assessment, and project management to document and string translation, development support, and testing.

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EC Innovations has been empowering communications for many leading multinationals. Our specializations include customized hybrid models/technology solutions to fit any budget and subject matter expertise for most industry verticals. Today, EC Innovations has grown into 3 regional headquarters (Singapore, Budapest, and Wilmington) and a total of 8 strategic global offices, employing over 5,000 linguists to offer full localization support into 130+ languages and 260 locales.

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Localization Testing

EC Innovations’ multilingual testing services focus on all areas affected by localization, including testing and fixing linguistic, cosmetic, and function problems. We provide testers for both source and localized products so that they can review translations in context, with the intended application function, audience, and user environment in mind.

Cloud-Based CAT System

Language assets are valuable in increasing accuracy, maximizing translation consistency between different content type and project components, and in turn, reduces human error and preserves language assets for future use. Using our cloud-based Terminology Management System, our industry subject matter experts (SMEs) suggest translations for all terms while our clients’ terminology experts can approve the translations. The translated terms can be automatically displayed and easily selected, reviewed, and confirmed online by translators, editors, proofreaders, and QA reviewers. 

Confidentiality & Security

Being aware of the importance of confidentiality in the Software & IT industry, we are fully committed to ensuring the safety, confidentiality, and integrity of your documents and any information communicated to us. Strict procedures and guidelines are followed to safeguard our project documents throughout the entire translation process and ensure our clients’ peace of mind. Project managers will monitor each translator’s work to ensure full compliance with the relevant security procedures.

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<p>The accuracy and consistency of glossaries&nbsp;is reviewed by subject matter experts. The use of these glossaries by the translation team ensures consistency among the User Interface (UI), online support materials, and other documentation from the product suite.</p>

<p>Professional training for the translation team&nbsp;is performed by subject matter experts on an ongoing basis to ensure our clients benefit from the knowledgeable expertise required to achieve accurate and professional translations.</p>

<p>EC Innovations has built an end-to-end translation solution - TBMS-LPA - which can be directly integrated with other popular CMS, marketing automation, project management, and online CAT platforms for today&rsquo;s software brands. It is designed to simplify and streamline translation by automatically processing global digital content, centralizing localization management and reducing manual processes to save time and costs without compromising quality.&nbsp;</p>

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