In this highly regulated industry, precision, timely and compliant translation is vital in helping biotech and pharmaceutical companies reach global markets and satisfy local regulatory requirements.

EC Innovations' dedicated ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified Life Science practices demonstrate that we have them all covered. Moreover, our linguistic specialists, with a proven life science background, can assure accuracy, meet deadlines, and budgets.

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Professional Translation Services for Your Industry

Biotech & Medical Device

Certified to offer all translation needs for medical devices with high quality and data security. Including Instructions for Use (IFU), labeling, packaging, marketing materials and more.

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Pharmaceutical solutions are driven by the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and compliance throughout the drug-to-market process, such as SmPC, PROs, labeling and more.

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Multilingual Clinical Trial

We offer accurate, consistent, and comprehensible translations that meet all regulatory and local standards. Translations of materials include PIL, Clinical Studies, Doctor and Patient Guides, and more.

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We provide specialized and professional translation services to the following types of healthcare content: Health Promotion, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Wellness Coaching, Weight Management and more.

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Why choose EC Innovations as your language service provider?

With our 20 years of multilingual translation experience, EC Innovations has built a reputation stemming from the quality services we bring to a wide range of medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies:

  • Expert linguists who have extensive backgrounds in the Life Sciences.
  • Highly experienced project manager teams who are dedicated to Life Science.
  • Professional QA process keep track of quality at every step of each project.
  • offering full localization support for 60+ languages and 260 locales

ECI Has Passed the MSZ EN ISO13485:2016 Certification

ECI has been MSZ EN ISO13485:2016 certified in translation and localization of accompanying documents of medical devices. ECI’s processes and methodologies have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for many years. This additional certification puts emphasis on ECI’s core values to its clients which is rooted in excellence in translation quality. This exemplifies our living motto, “Precision Matters in Translation”. ECI’s customer-centric business model is built upon these fundamentals which also serve as a cornerstone in providing efficient and effective comprehensive translation/localization solutions. By obtaining this ISO 13485:2016 certification, ECI continues to provide to its growing client base, whose priorities are focused on further defining itself as a world-class leader in quality control management standards, in translation services, and technologies.

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