Pharmaceutical solutions are driven by the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and compliance throughout the drug-to-market process, such as Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), labeling, and more.

The global pharmaceutical industry market is expanding at an accelerated pace. To this end, accuracy and clarity of pharmaceutical translations has a large impact on a drug's time-to-market and marketing. This trend also brings about new challenges as the world is setting higher standards for drug approvals, which has led the top global pharmaceutical companies to turn to global language solutions.

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Our portfolio of specialized services for the pharmaceutical industry is as follows:

  • Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Patient Information Leaflet (PIL)
  • Patient Reported Outcomes(PROs)
  • Medicines Summary
  • Other Pharmaceutical Documents

Translation Accuracy with Higher Efficiency

Translation accuracy should be controlled at the source by managing the accuracy and professional use of its glossaries and TM (translation memory). EC Innovations is founded and managed by highly technical individuals. Our Subject Matter Experts review all glossary entries and have created technology to ensure approved pharmaceutical glossary terms are suggested to the linguist each time they appear. Editors and proofreaders do a thorough check to ensure consistent terminology usage. Real-time, server-based glossaries guarantee accuracy and consistency.

We also maintain a database of the information held in multiple documents, such as product presentations and various dosage forms, that is well-managed and synchronized with TM tools that are both owner-developed and client-required to accelerate the time-to-market and reduce costs for our clients.

Translation Clarity for User Safety

Most pharmaceutical materials in need of translation are intended for the end user. With the goal of accuracy, translation clarity has the most direct impact on a drug’s marketing success. The reasoning is clear: the labeling and packaging of a drug are used to inform patients on the drug’s side effects, how the drug should or should not be taken, dosage, storage, etc. Whether a prescription is required or not, an error in this area could lead to an accidental death.

EC Innovations’ experienced in-country medical reviewers guarantee that patients receive a translated patient guide (such as drug labeling and packaging) free of errors, exaggerations, and with nothing left to chance. We ensure that consumers and patients thoroughly understand these materials, so they can make the right product choices and use pharmaceuticals properly.

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