Subtitling is an effective, powerful and simple way to portray your audio/visual message

EC Innovations is a leading localization provider capable of subtitling videos/animations, commercials, digital marketing and TV programs into 60+languages. We know the subtitle translation is not just about translating words. It also involves adjusting length and time codes of the translated subtitles to make them clear and easy to read.

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Subtitling Services

Subtitle Adaption

Subtitle adaptation is the art of adapting the number of words per minute, lines per subtitle and characters per line. This ensures that the video can be watched and the text read comfortably and easily at the same time.

Subtitle Formats

Video can be encoded with the new subtitles in various formats. We always provide you with various examples of subtitle output for your selection.

Subtitled Screen Text

When videos show text on the screen, and is not spoken, that screen text also requires a translation. In order to differentiate between the screen text and dialog, the screen text is identified with an asterisk within the subtitle.


Transcription and translation involves our professional translators watching and closely listening to the recording to transcribe the speech. The script is then translated into the target language. Time codes can be added for subtitling use.

In ECI Difference

  • 1,000+ Voice-over talents carefully screened for professionalism and diversification to fit your specifications.
  • Project Managers dedicated to oversee all aspects of the project and to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
  • Native QA Editors to ensure the highest-quality performance and accurate delivery of accent and intonation suitability.
  • Studios with professional video dubbing facilities and expert engineering support to produce any required voiceover.
  • ECI’s processes and methodologies have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for eight years and have been further confirmed by our ISO17100:2015 certification.

Whatever language combination, genre or format you are looking for,
we can help.

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