EC Innovations localizes training courses covering a wide range of subjects including compliance, ethics, health & safety, management & leadership, soft skills, product, technical, and sales training.

Comprised of subject matter experts and experienced linguistic teams exclusively focused on education and e-learning content, EC Innovations makes your source content culturally relevant to its targeted learners.

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EC Innovations follows a six-step project process to ensure the best quality and consistency:

Step 1:        Project Kick-off

The project manager goes over the client's requirements regarding document content, workload, turn-around time, formatting, and layout, confirms the translation rates, and obtains a formal purchase order from the client.

Step 2:        Project Preparation

The project manager assembles a project team, prepares a project kit/glossary, and provides technical training for team members, if necessary. The project manager also addresses potential problems and finds feasible solutions to avoid any unexpected setbacks.

Step 3:        TEP Processes (Translation, Editing and Proofreading)

Translations are carried out by translators who have related applicable experience, native speakers of the target languages, and currently reside in the target market country. Query reports and regular meetings are used to promptly resolve problems and share information. Editors review the translation by comparing the target language against the source text. Accuracy, grammar, spelling, and writing style are thoroughly checked. Proofreaders simulate the experience of the end-user by proofreading the text without referring to the source documents.

Step 4:        Quality Control (QC)

A separate QC process is executed to randomly check 10%-15% of the translated and reviewed files. Project instructions and our internal quality standards are referred to when verifying translation quality.

Step 5:        Project Sign-off

A sign-off meeting is held among the project team members and the QC manager to perform a final review of the project to make sure all the requirements have been satisfied with high quality. The finished files are submitted to clients using the client-preferred method.

Step 6:        Project Summary

The project manager and QC manager internally evaluate the project quality and team members' performance. The translation memory and glossary are maintained for the next release and all the related files are backed up.

High Quality Assurance

Your project will come out well-tailored in both cultural and linguistic aspects through our seamless 6-step project process.

Quick Turn-around Times

With our own-developed TBMS, translation projects can be processed smoothly and more effectively by our experienced translation experts.

Well Managed Language Assets

All your translation memories and glossaries are maintained for the next release and all the related files are backed up.

Our Strength of Document translation

Industry Experts come from various fields


EC Innovations supports translation into more than 60 major languages. All our translators and reviewers are qualified, professional, native speakers with strong applicable backgrounds spanning many years of experience in their respective industries. Languages that we support include but are not limited to:

  • CCJK: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese and Korean
  • FIGS: French, Italian, German, Spanish and other European languages
  • VITM: Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay and other Asian Languages
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