In traditional training, the greatest focus is placed on the delivery of training sessions, while in e-learning, it is on the design and development of structured materials which engage learners with highly interactive and innovative content.

EC Innovations is proficient with course creation tools, architectures, and styles. Our e-learning development team comprises industry-leading experts in Instructional Design, Graphics and Animations, Flash, HTML5 Programming, and Rapid Authoring Tools to enhance your content to be more engaging for all your target learners.

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Consulting Service

The course content has been decided, but before starting the development stage, decisions must be made on the way the course will be made accessible to learners. EC Innovations works with many industry-leading companies, analyzing the learning needs, and characteristics of the target learner groups; we can help you structure your people, processes, content, technology, and objectives into a comprehensive learning strategy.

Course Uplift Service

Our instructional designers and media editors work in conjunction with your subject matter experts to designing specific e-learning activities and materials that will be a part of the course. At this stage, we review a course module and update the file to the latest web or mobile standards, redesign the appearance, and integrate with instructional techniques, and media elements to ensure a course is fully optimized for all devices, giving learners the most interactive, user-friendly experience possible.

Media Elements Integration

There are a number of media elements that can be combined to create compelling e-lessons. Great attention is given to its graphic display and integration with images, animations, audio, and video to avoid overloading the learner’s working memory. Our highly creative team of media editors, scriptwriters, and producers create impactful communication by developing and integrating media and interactive components, and producing the course in the desired formats wanted.

E-Learning Testing

After an e-learning program has been localized, it must be tested before market release. By detecting the type of errors that might degrade user experience and result in sub-standard performance early in the overall product development process and decrease overall costs and time-to-market. Our testing solutions ensure your multimedia, websites, and applications will perform similarly across languages, browsers, operation systems, and devices so that every unique component of the e-learning product function well together.

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