ECI LPA Solution

Automatic and Centralized Translation Management Solution

Continuous Delivery, Engine of Future Translation

ECI’s Localization Process Automation (LPA) solution is a rule-based automation process solution which connects the client’s enterprise CMS and the vendor TMS, to automate translation workflows and significantly reduce tedious manual work. This automated translation workflow enables us to provide Continuous Delivery to improve efficiency and provide multi-lingual translation with a shortened turnaround time and lower cost, without compromising quality. The LPA solution also provides access to a user-friendly cloud-based linguist pool, TM resources, and QA support.

Automatic Content Fetching

ECI’s LPA solutions designed for localization managers and their teams to centrally manage, control and monitor fragmented file transfers, high volumes of multilingual translation projects and ultimately deliver quality translations on-time and within budget.

Automatic File Processing

Our Continuous Delivery system is able to adapt every client’s file formatand conventions by automatically processing files into a universal format for our online translation system in order to simplify the file preparation process for translation purposes.

Automatic Analyzing & Quoting

The LPA solution makes it possible to provide an immediate quotation without any delay, bridging the gap between international office hours. If there is a quoted fixed-rate, ECI can initiate the translation immediately without interruption.

Automatic Linguistic Assignment

ECI’s proprietary solution conduct automatic resource allocation based on 120+ linguists' personal attributes, such as academic background, translation experience, nationality, availabilities. After evaluating these criteria, the best linguists will be recommended.

Online Translation& QA System

The online translation solution enables translators and PM’s to share and maintain TM’s. Editors can also utilize our proprietary QA tools online to perform quality control, which greatly improves the overall efficiency, flexibility, and translation quality.

Intelligent Data Analysis

ECI’s data-mining solution enables translation team members and clients to monitor the progress of each project in real-time. It also provides suggestions to make wiser decisions for better strategy development.

How Does LPA(Localization Process Automation) Bring More Value to Customers?

Due to economic globalization, the pace at which companies expand internationally and the amount of content that requires translation and localization are continually increasing. Despite that content is fragmented and updates happen more often, clients require better translation and localization results with remained budget, which asks language service providers (LSP) to put more efforts into project management.

AI, Big Data, Cloud and Mobile Factors Make Localization More Challenging

With the development of new technology in global networking and information transmission, frequent updates of product information and content with a short turnaround time results in more and more fragmented content, larger numbers of translation projects and varying file types. All of this extra work ultimately contributes to difficult strategic decision-making. To perform quality control within the allotted time and budget, a more efficient and effective solution is required to solve these challenges.


ECI currently provides an extensive set of content connectors adapting to some of the world’s top CMS and TMS. We also provide API’s for our clients to customize the connector to your particular file system to automate translation tasks and greatly reduce the costs of unnecessary manual workflows.

  • CMS/VCS Connector Fetch untranslated texts automatically or by customer-according predefined rules
  • TMS Connector Fetch project requirements from Email content and send to customer portal
  • Email Connector Fetch project requirements according to predefined format and send to customer portal

Robust Localization Management

ECI’s Localization Process Automation solution is released by EC Innovations’ development team to meet our client’s workflow optimization requirements for multilingual content. Localization Process Automation, based on pre-defined rules, generates interconnectivity solutions including automatic content fetching (between client’s file management systems and vendor’s TMS and CAT systems), workload analysis, quotations, records for billing and payment, TM and terminology maintenance, context online support, online query management, and online QA and revision. In addition, there is a cloud-based translation tool integrated with an instant messenger, meaning those translators from around the globe can work 24/7, greatly improving the overall efficiency.