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Localize Your Website, Overcome Technical Endeavors, and Adapt to Any Culture

Nowadays, websites are a company’s direct window to the world and a major marketing tool. It’s now the primary port of call for information and services. Creating a sustainable localized website is the first and most crucial step in any globalization strategy.

Website localization involves much more than just translation. It is a complex process that involves project management, translation and review, quality assurance, online testing, in-time updates, and the reuse of previous content – modifying the existing website to make it accessible, usable, and culturally suitable to the target audience. All these may be done in an environment with multiple time zones, business practices, and legal systems. Also, with more content being developed and needing to be localized, content management becomes increasingly complex on a global scale.

We help you increase online sales through multilingual websites via localization solutions

Our Key Services

  • Website Content Translation
  • Video/Audio Localization
  • DTP (Desktop Publishing)
  • Transcreation

Our Key Strengths

  • ISO17100 Certifed
  • Industry Expert Translators
  • Proven Localization Process
  • Technique Integration and Automation

ECI’s Seamless Website Localization Process

EC Innovations has extensive experience working with leading and even more obscure Content Management Systems on the market. ECI’s in-house Engineering Department’s capabilities include the development of plug-ins to enable a seamless localization process that meets the demand of any organizations’ source content development.

From beginning to end, you can trust the localization and integration of your global internet presence in our hands and so save the costs of an internal multilingual multimedia department. Through the creation and management of translation memories and suitable workflow processes, you will save considerable time and money on multilingual updates.

Significant Skills in Website Localization

Industry Experts Come from Various Fields

Business Automation
(ECI TBMS can integrate with CMS)

ECI TBMS adapts to your optimized process by using amazingly simple visual workflow customization, real-time project dashboard, intelligent file-sorting, flexible project assignment, automatic file and process control, vendor performance evaluation, centralized language asset management, etc.. The TBMS automate the whole localization project lifecycle and supply chain and offers a unique combination of functionality and technical flexibility.

We strongly believe that no two clients are the same and that the solutions we put forward should reflect that. In regards to technology, we take a consultative approach to scoping, mapping, and executing our client’s website translation and localization projects. That being said, there are also some general methodologies that we apply to each website translation project that allow us to guarantee success.

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