Manufacturing involves more interconnected content than nearly any other industry. The growing reliance on a global supply chain has created the need for large volumes of multilingual documentation ranging from product specifications and material data sheets to online support and user documentation. A good globalization strategy is critical to ensure all content is systematically managed throughout the enterprise for cross-language consistency. Workflow inefficiencies and inconsistent translations are a detriment to brand integrity. A lack of a defined translation process means that content is rendered with an inconsistent look and tone, which jeopardizes the company’s global brand.

EC Innovations has professional resources and technological capabilities to ensure a streamlined localization process to optimally manage your translation and localization.

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Professional Expertise in Your Industry

We select qualified translators as team members who are also subject matter experts in the related technical field, natives of the target language, and who pass our rigorous qualification demands. Our translators’ technical specializations include: machinery, tooling, machining, mechanical design and engineering, CAD/CAE/CAM, and 3D technology.

Our manufacturing localization experts ensure that you will get professional service and high-quality deliverables through:

  • Our vast experience with complex, high-tech projects.
  • The leverage of our network of in-country resources, facilitating relevant and consistent communication with global markets.
  • Integrating your own in-country reviewers in our quality assurance processes.
  • Shortening project turnaround time by prompt reaction to emerging market requirements.
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance for products, labeling, and documentation.
  • Industrial

    Industrial Automation

    Your products may be automated, but the operator and maintenance personnel still need to know how to address a technical issue if something goes wrong.

  • 3D Technology

    3D Technology

    3D technology is everywhere: from industrial production and medical devices to food, entertainment, and fashion. We can help you get there.

  • Automotive


    We are a leading provider of language services and technology solutions to the world's largest and most recognized original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and parts & service retailers.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery takes skilled operators. The company handling your translation services should be equally as skilled.

EC Innovations has supported world's leading heavy machinery manufacturers in the mining, construction, and agricultural sectors for years, adapting their technical documentation and safety information into more than 120 languages. Our in-house localization and DTP department consists of qualified linguists, project managers, engineers, subject matter experts, and DTP professionals, enabling us to handle large and complex technical translation projects. Our expertise lies in offering high quality certified heavy machinery translations of user manuals, technical and legal documentation, design and manufacturing specifications, and more.

Our clients can depend on our seamless localization, automatic workflow along with our quality control procedures to ensure that every translation meets the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and professionalism.


Quality is one of EC Innovations’ foundational pillars and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certifications reflect our corporate values and leadership approach in addition to showing our commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality and transparency for our clients. ISO 9001 certification is awarded to companies that have successfully implemented a quality management system that meets the needs of customers and other stakeholders in the delivery and improvement of services and products. The ISO 17100 standard specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process, directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services.

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Confidentiality & Security

Being aware of the importance of confidentiality in the manufacturing industry, we are fully committed to ensuring the safety, confidentiality, and integrity of your documents and any information communicated to us. Strict procedures and guidelines are followed to safeguard our project documents throughout the entire translation process and assure our clients’ peace of mind. Project managers monitor each translator’s work to ensure full compliance with the relevant security procedures.

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