Today’s consumers expect easy and consistent access to goods and services that pique their interests. In the travel and hospitality industry, digital travelers are accustomed to booking their trips and making reservations across the globe from their devices without the aid of a travel agent. This shift in purchasing habits has made multilingual support a necessity to ensure your tourism brand appears on customers’ search queries in their language and culture.

EC Innovations provides translation and localization services for various types of tourism products, including but not limited to: brochures, websites, apps, videos and audios, etc. Our translators with hospitality industry expertise are dedicated to providing either consistent translation coherent with source style or creative translation, at the client’s request. The objective is to keep travelers engaged on their journey with your brand.

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Project Team as the Cornerstone of Quality

Our dedicated travel and hospitality translation team consists of professional localization project managers, translators, engineers, and quality assurance experts with knowledge and working experience in the area to deliver quality translations that meet our clients’ specific requirements.

  • Subject-matter experts (SME): With cumulative knowledge and experience in travel and hospitality industry, our SMEs support terminology translation and maintenance as well as answer technical questions from translators.
  • Qualified translators: Our translators undergo assessment based on our Translation Quality Report (TQR), and we try our best to assign translators to the same product line for the same client.
  • Experienced editors: With years of experience in travel and hospitality translation, our editors are effective at using our cloud-based Computer-Assisted Translation tool to review and make edits in real time to provide feedback and confirmation in the shortest time possible.
  • Rigorous proofreaders: Equipped with background knowledge of travel and hospitality translation, they simulate end users by reviewing the translation with a fresh eye and without referencing source content.
  • Quality Assurance reviewers: Our QA team will sample 10% to 20% for independent verification of quality, and to identify potential quality issues.
  • In-country reviewers or third-party reviewers: Often requested by clients to serve as a further guarantee of translation quality.
  • In-country language leaders: Work closely with our translator recruitment and management team to build tailored and dedicated translator team for each client.
  • Multilingual DTP team: Ensures that translated documents are compliant and ready to be published in the right format.


ECI’s processes and methodologies have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for many years now. This quality certification emphasizes ECI’s core values to its clients, rooted in translation excellence. This exemplifies our living motto, “In Translation, Precision Matters.” ECI’s customer-centered business model is built upon this principle which also serves as a cornerstone in providing efficient and effective comprehensive language solutions. By obtaining ISO 17100: 2015 certification, ECI continues to provide to its growing client base; its priorities focused on further defining itself as a world-class leader in quality control management standards in translation services and technologies.

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A Quick Approach to Translation

Travel and hospitality business is seasonal, where one period may be the height of the season, the next may be slowest. Fast and frequent content updates are the norm, which can be hard to keep up with for language translation.

EC Innovations has built an end-to-end translation solution - TBMS-LPA (Localization Process Automation). It is designed to simplify and streamline translation by automatically processing global digital content, centralizing localization management, and reducing manual processes to save time and costs without compromising quality. EC Innovations’ services can also provide updated content translations into more than 120 languages on schedule and within budget to concurrently execute multiple publishing across countries.

Understanding your customer and knowing their concepts and expectations regarding traveling is a significant part of the localization process.

In today’s global travel industry, what travelers need most is information in their native language and in content with cultural relevance. To accomplish this, you need a full-solution language partner with global resources and local specialization.

We can handle all your content needs:

  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Software & Mobile Apps
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Online Booking Systems
  • Marketing Materials
  • Customer Communications
  • Travel Packages
  • Documentation
  • Travel Itineraries
  • Video and Audio guides
  • Tour Guides
  • Destination Guides
  • Museum Guides
  • Maps and Directions
  • Signage
  • Travel Agreements
  • Rental Contracts
  • Training Materials
  • Accommodation Contracts
  • Travel Insurance Policies
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Travel Announcements & Newsletters
  • Restaurant Menus

Whatever language combination, genre or format you are looking for,
we can help.

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