17th Annual Conference of Translation Sciences a.k.a. Translating Europe Worksho

The 17th Annual Conference of Translation Sciences – organized as the joint initiative of Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences (ELTE) Department of Translation and InterpretingHungarian Office for Translation and Attestation and Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission – is one of the most significant muster of linguists and translation professionals in Hungary.

The two day-long conference gives you an overview of the most actual trends and issues of translation and localization – not only as business but also as science. Prominent representatives of different fields of linguistic studies gather here year after year to present their newest research results for the professional audience in a form and style that is easy to understand also for the general public interested in the actualities and development of translation studies.

This muster is not the meeting point of localization industry and the market. It is the meeting point of the industry and the science that forms its very foundation. This conference is a classroom where you can find out what to learn about your profession today and tomorrow if you want to keep growing with this rapidly expanding business both personally (as a translation professional) and collectively (as business entity).

The audience was given outlook to the possible prospects of future customer demands and upcoming challenges of the localization business. No matter which country you come from or where you run your agency, your business will be affected by the requirements of the swiftly changing global environment. Every localization company that aims to grow on the global market must reply and react just as swiftly and indeed, we experience new requests coming in day after day that expect us to turn the old methods upside down and expand the meaning of the concept ’localization’ to new dimensions.

The lectures shed light on trends that cannot be disregarded by localization professionals – especially account managers who have to locate their clients accurately on the scale of requirements, and recruiters who have to look for more specific ways to find the right resources for the jobs. The discussions give the participants excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts and collect a pool of possible ideas and proven tools that can be customized to our company’s profile and focus points and turn them into action items for the team or for the person.

If I said classroom, I have to mention the wide scale of training opportunities you can sign up to. When it comes to training, ELTE is considered to be among the most advanced, cutting edge institutions for linguistic and translation studies throughout Europe that reacts very sensitively to the new demands of the market and has a leading role in providing highly skilled and thoroughly tested language professionals to the localization industry.

Now, with a stronghold in the middle of Europe, EC Innovations is in optimal position to utilize the new results of the Old Continent on a higher level and move even closer to the customers not only geographically but also in the sphere of ideas and turn them into valuable resources for quality improvement.

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