5 Reason Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need LSPs

The need for professional language service providers in the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly on the rise. The multi-billion-dollar industry needs the services of medical translation experts to take on the massive numbers of processes like clinical trials and research, manufacturing processes, packaging and marketing processes, and regulatory submissions.

Thus, the translation industry has a significant effect on the pharmaceutical industry as the success of most of its operations lies in its choice of a professional translation company. But why do pharmaceutical companies need language service providers? In this informative article, we take a look at the reasons why translation agency is an integral part of the pharmaceutical business.

1. Saves You Cost and Time

Pharmaceutical companies using language service translators record fewer translation errors in their clinical trials. Pharmaceutical companies that do not use translation agencies have a higher chance of wasting time, efforts and finances in sensitive projects like regulatory monitoring and marketing processes.

Language service providers with a specialty in the health industry understand the importance of translation to the industry. They are aware of the consequences of errors and how they cost so much time and money. Language service providers use only professionals trained with the requisite knowledge on how to handle delicate health documents.

Thus, what may look like a huge investment from the onset would pay off in the long run when you evaluate the consequences of errors.

 Consider the implications of a failed translation project that could range from misdiagnosis and misinterpretation, which could result in lawsuits.

2. Better Communication with the End-User

Without the help of language service providers, pharmaceutical companies would have a hard time dealing with feedbacks from the end-users. In order to reach out to more users and get their feedback, pharmaceutical companies need the services of professional translation company with experts that have good knowledge of the industry. The end users would communicate freely with individuals who can speak their language, and this would lead to effective communication.

3. Successful Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are serious business in the pharmaceutical industry, and most of these trials take place in countries where English is not the official language.

One of the challenging aspects of clinical trials in such countries is getting the local subjects for the clinical trials and carrying out a successful media campaign using the local language. Engaging the locals to understand the importance of the trial and how it would have medical benefit to them is another aspect of clinical trials that needs the help of medical translation professionals.

4. Communications with Other Professionals in the Industry

For a pharmaceutical project to be successful, other individuals in the industry like the doctors, lab scientists must be actively involved.

 Also, pharmaceutical companies would have to introduce these drugs to doctors all over the world successfully. Hence, the industry collaborates with medical translation experts to make sure doctors from all part of the globe understand the new medicine and project.

5. Successful Marketing Campaign

The internet is the fastest way of reaching out to end-users and carrying out a successful marketing campaign. The platform is big enough for both English and non-English users.

Thus, to successfully carry out a marketing campaign and promote a new medicine, the pharmaceutical industry needs the help of medical translation experts for such projects. Language service providers help the end-users understand the benefits and how to use a new drug released into the market. For this information to be accurate, they need it to be in their local language.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and medical translation agency is mutual as the industry cannot successfully carry out most of its operation without the need for a language service provider.

The industry deals with the lives of patients, and the accuracy of medical documents has to be top-notch for the safety of the end-users and the reputation of the company. Thus, this is the primary reason why top pharmaceutical companies rely on the services of reputable language service providers like EC Innovations. EC Innovations is a global language service solution provider with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  With over 8 offices across the globe and operational centers in Asia, North America and Europe, we offer localization services in over 130 languages.

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