7 Tips to Protect Your Translation Data for the Life Science Industry

The pharmaceutical and biotech tech industry has enjoyed enormous benefits from recent technologies. Data science and artificial intelligence are gradually changing the manufacturing processes, service delivery, and product chains of life science industries.

However, these positive changes expose life science companies to cyber attacks. Cyber risks are continually on the increase, and with the amount of data shared amongst life science organizations, there is a need for all stakeholders to protect their data. The medical translation industry is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and needs to take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent data security breaches and protect sensitive information.

Data analysis is a critical part of medical translation, and thus, document translation service providers should embrace data security. In this article, we share the data security measures backed by EU GDPR to protect sensitive data. Every top-notch international translation company should adopt these measures to prevent data breach.

1. The Right Security Products

The first step to tackling cyber security breaches is by equipping your business with EU approved security products in all translation devices. Cyber security products like virtual private networks, Antimalware software, and firewalls will not only secure your data but also ensure that all operations are secure and private.

2. Staff Training and Awareness

One reason why cases of cyber security breaches are on the rise is that most professional translation companies are ignorant of its consequences. Hence, the first step to curbing the menace of cyber theft is creating good awareness amongst translation professionals in the life science industry.

 International translation companies should train their team on the importance of cyber security. They should be a constant upgrade of cyber security measures to meet the current trends in the industry as cybercrimes are ever-evolving.

3. Improved Restricted Access for Maximum Security

Another strategy for maximum data security is by creating restricted access across sensitive data platforms to allow only approved users. This would go a long way to thwart cyber attacks and increase your company’s control over sensitive data. International translation companies can adopt this measure to boost their data security across their computer networks.

4. Embracing Secured Web Hosting Platform

A company website is a weak link which most cyber theft perpetrators use to penetrate a company’s database and steal sensitive information. Hence, there is a need to embrace secure web hosting platforms to ensure there is no weak link. Using a secured web hosting platform protects your website and eliminates cyber-attack through your hosting platform.

5. Using Reliable Password Managers

Weak passwords are one of the easiest ways of perpetuating a cyber security breach. Hackers have several means of breaching password systems to hack into computers and cause a cyber security breach. Thus, it is essential for translation service providers that use machine translation to protect their network with a password manager. With a password manager, you can regularly change your passwords and keep track of the passwords to ensure there are no breaches.

6. Effective Backup System

Losing files to unforeseen system crashes is worse than data security breaches. Most times, these losses are inevitable and may lead to a colossal waste of time and resources. Thus, it is vital for document translation service providers to adopt effective backup systems to ensure the safety of their data. Having a backup system will ensure you have a secure duplicate of sensitive data in cases of loss or damaged computer systems.

7. Proactive Cyber Security Strategy

Professional translation companies using machine translation should adopt a proactive cyber security strategy to protect their data. Cyber hackers are always developing new methods of perpetrating cyber attacks. Translation companies must stay a step ahead to ensure that they do not fall victim to cyber-attacks.

Bottom Line

There is a rising need for life science businesses to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Stakeholders in the industry should stay a step ahead of hackers in other to maximize the benefits of data analytics and artificial intelligence. Working with a reputable translation company like ECI will go a long way to ensure the safety and security of your data. ECI understands the importance of the confidentiality and security of life science translation documents and takes the right step to implementing a secured data security system.

·Strict procedures and guidelines are followed throughout the project to protect project documentation.

·All project personnel signed the NDA.

·Security audits for all clients, including global audits of multinational companies.

·ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification.

·Multiple data encryption technology for data transmission.

·Reliable backup disaster recovery and data recovery mechanisms.

We have the right data security certifications like the ISO 27001 Information security certification, and all our project team members have good knowledge of Cyber security. We carry out all life science translations through Cloud CAT to prevent a cyber security breach from the local download. Contact us today for secured life science translation projects.

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