An Ode to Team: Living in the Fast Lane of Globalization

Recently, I celebrated my 4th year with EC Innovations. It would be an understatement to say that it has been a “high octane” experience every moment of every day that I have been here. With it flashing by so fast, it has left me little time to self-reflect and take an introspective look at the experiences and the environment that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of.

This is as much about the journey as it is about who we are and what we have become, let these statements serve as a dedication to ECI’s entire global team as we stand today. All of the challenges, growth, excitement and true sense of honor is testament to me stressing the word TEAM. Not because we have to be but more because we all believe that we are all a part of something greater than ourselves and even greater still than the sum of all of our parts.

Before you jokingly ask me if I was a cheerleader in college consider this; EC Innovations was a Beijing, China based translation/localization services and Technology Company. When I first started, we faced obstacles, skepticism about our ability to produce quality translation. This skepticism completely based on a stereotype that perhaps the workmanship of a China based company would be subpar. This wasn’t China employees taking USA jobs. In fact, it was the reverse, it was a China company hiring global people for their diverse talents regardless of their country’s flag but instead on the merit of harmonizing their multicultural skills for the benefit of a company offering multicultural services.

From day one and till this day, I would put my production team head-to-head with any Western based PM, engineer, developer or desktop publishing specialist. They work longer hours, they take pride not only in the quality of their work but in the quality of their relationships and as a company we have replicated this work ethic from the bottom up and from the top down. What I would have told you then and I will tell you now is, our team environment will be the future of globalization architecture. We don’t just preach about international development best practices, we encompass it with every molecule of our being.

Born from James Wei over 17 years ago; ECI comes from humble beginnings not too dissimilar from Alibaba, the China based e-commerce giant that had a record setting IPO on the stock exchange (just in case you have been on a different planet over the past couple of months).

Now I am not saying, EC Innovations is going to become the next global heavy weight to come out of China but distinctly different than most, EC Innovations did it with 100% organic growth while forever maintaining an enhanced version of the same type of vision, aspirations and rooted fundamentals that make up an exceptional TEAM environment. This same TEAM has had to overcome political propaganda, distinctly different cultural nuances and various time zones to give our clients’ something different, something better in order to get us there together.

A dedicated workforce is important but what do we know!? We know that EC Innovations was originally known as a segue/supplier-to-suppliers for Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian language services. Today, I am proud to have witnessed through blood, sweat and tears, the evolution of a truly global company with offices strategically sprinkled around the globe to enable globalization ingenuity into 60 languages and 260 locales; all in an effort to fulfill our clients’ goal of having no boundaries related to international business and communications.

So why does this matter to you and what makes this situation legitimately unique?

EC Innovations whole basis beyond the proprietary tools it develops or the piecemeal technology solutions that it offers, has been and remains rooted to these same individuals making up the support team for your localization program regardless of company size or industry. We have succeeded where others have failed from small manufacturing companies in “Timbuktu” Wisconsin to some of the largest, most sophisticated enterprises in the world and we have done it with nothing more than pure determination and HEART. This has given our clients something else on the market to choose from. None of this could be happening without the support, belief and collaboration of our clients and the internal expectations we beseech on each other; to be the best for our clients all of the time.

Again, this isn’t done in 1 office or 2 but in many across various oceans. Every project team consists of numerous teammates from multiple countries working in tandem for one greater goal in mind; to also make you greater than yourself and for your company to be larger than the sum of its parts in order to achieve the dream together of seamless global promise.

Nowadays, with the advancements in technology and the ability to make any dimension of your organization automated, I ask what is the main element of a company that differentiates itself and the essence of what cannot be replaced by any other? It is the corporate culture visualized by its leaders and revolutionized by its people. It is those same people who care and surround you behind the scenes. The same people who will join forces with your TEAM to overcome any global obstacle or challenge.

At the center of any impactful localization program, you’ll find EC Innovations.

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