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EC Innovations Team Continues to Grow

EC Innovations (EC), one of the largest localization and translation service providers in Asia, has recently expended its overall team to 180 full-time employees. This expansion involves EC’s Beijing headquarters and its main production and sales branches in Shenyang, Chengdu and Shanghai. Personnel new to the team include project managers, translators, DTP engineers, and sales […]

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Chinese Localization Suppliers Face New Challenges

The tremendous growth of the Chinese economy has brought huge business opportunities to the Chinese translation and localization sector. After more than ten years of development, Chinese localization suppliers have accumulated solid experience and mastered advanced tools and technologies. As Chinese localization suppliers gain more recognition and increase their prominence in this industry, more and

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EC Innovations Rated as “Outstanding Supplier” by Siemens

EC Innovations (EC), reached 97 of 100 evaluation points, and has therefore been rated as an “Outstanding Supplier” by Siemens according to their most recent supplier evaluation. Founded for over 160 years, Siemens is the global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, and is a pioneer of technical achievements, innovation, quality, reliability and global cooperation.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Shows EC Innovations is on the Right Track

January 30, 2008 – EC Innovations (EC) recently conducted its annual customer satisfaction survey for 2007. The result was that an overwhelming 98% of the respondents said their experience with EC met their expectations. With more than 20 questions covering almost all aspects of the company’s performance, the survey addresses quality, on-time delivery, cost, communication,

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EC Innovations Expands DTP Force

EC Innovations (EC), one of the largest localization and translation service providers in Asia, is continuing to expand its Desktop Publishing (DTP) force with the addition of five new experienced members to the team. This expansion comes on the heels of the addition of three members to the DTP department just a few months ago.

Going Global

Finding your Chinese localization partner

The rise of the Chinese economy has brought about a continuous growth of the country’s localization and translation sector. The major driver is the ever-growing international business between China and other countries. Therefore, the effectiveness of communication between those business partners has become a top priority. The Chinese localization sector has itself evolved over the

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