Evelyn Lin

Going Global

What Does Localization for Business Really Mean and How It Can Help Your Business Go Global?

Localization goes beyond the mere modification of a translation to make it sound local. It creates a connection that raises the value of your product to consumers. As a business seeking international growth, you will eventually face the question of whether or not localization of services and software is important. Unfortunately, there is no simple […]

Industry Specific

System Integration – Solution for Content Management in Pharmaceutical Localization

The operations of the pharmaceutical industry are intertwined with matters of public safety and public health. As such, strict regulatory requirements pertaining to the review and registration of new drugs and generic drugs are in place in various countries. Pharmaceutical companies are required to submit accurate and adequate information in their filings for drug approval

T9N & L10N

ISO-Certified Translation Services

How can you ensure whether quality standards are in place when selecting a translation partner? Though translation quality can be highly subjective, the procedures and protocols of carrying out quality work have important parameters. When selecting a translation partner, certification gives reassurance that an LSP has the capability to provide quality service through a fully

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