Going Global

Going Global

Localization in Chicago: It’s Everywhere!

As I prepare for my presentationentitled ‘eLearning Localization: Taking Your Learning to the World’ at the upcoming ‘Lectora User Conference’ on Wednesday, 23 May in downtown Chicago, my colleagues will be attending the‘STC (Society of Technical Communicators) Summit 2012’ as Merit Sponsors May 20-23in Rosemont, IL–a short drive away. Additionally, Chicago will be hosting the NATO Summit […]

Going Global


China is one of the world’s most coveted markets, and rightly so. It’s home to 20% of the world’s population with 300 million upwardly mobile consumers. It has the largest number of internet and cell phone users and is the number one global market for cars, consumer goods, and soon, luxury goods. It also recently

Going Global, T9N & L10N

Writing for Localization: Making Your Source Text Translation-Friendly

Recently, I suggested ways to avoid common translation missteps when targeting multilingual markets. As a continuation of this topic, I’d like to provide a few tips on how to write source content that lends itself well to translation. The basis for accurate, clear, and consistent localized content is accurate, clear, and consistent source text. The

Going Global

Chinese Localization Suppliers Face New Challenges

The tremendous growth of the Chinese economy has brought huge business opportunities to the Chinese translation and localization sector. After more than ten years of development, Chinese localization suppliers have accumulated solid experience and mastered advanced tools and technologies. As Chinese localization suppliers gain more recognition and increase their prominence in this industry, more and

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