T9N & L10N

T9N & L10N

Double-Byte RoboHelp Localization

RoboHelp can be an important tool for setting up a user-assistance/help system, but doing so for double-byte languages can be a challenge for some users, especially those working on older versions. Currently-used versions of RoboHelp include x3, x5, and versions 7.0 through the most recent 9.0. For x3, there is a version specially designed for

Going Global, T9N & L10N

Writing for Localization: Making Your Source Text Translation-Friendly

Recently, I suggested ways to avoid common translation missteps when targeting multilingual markets. As a continuation of this topic, I’d like to provide a few tips on how to write source content that lends itself well to translation. The basis for accurate, clear, and consistent localized content is accurate, clear, and consistent source text. The

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