EC Innovations – A Happy, Harmonious Family

December 29, 2007 will be an exciting day for EC Innovations, as it will hold its New Year’s 2008 party with exciting and amusing attractions including staff skits, lucky draws, a sea food buffet, games, a spa, movies, and much more.

EC Innovations regards its staff as the most important foundation and asset to its success and continuously strives to provide a harmonious work environment to ensure its employees are happy and content. Apart from its momentous New Year’s party to award staff for their year of hard work and celebrate their prospects for a happy and healthy future, EC people also gather to go skiing in the winter, hiking in the spring and visit the beach in the summer every year.

EC does its utmost to reward its brilliant staff. Every year eight staff members who have shown talent and commitment over the previous three years can fly to their dream destinations—Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia—for a 10-day pleasure trip. To offer the staff a place to relax and exercise, a mini-gym with four ping-pong tables and some exercise equipment has been built in the office, and staff can go there to work out after lunch and after work to eliminate stress and energize themselves.

Working at EC is even better than staying at home: with a nutritious breakfast, sumptuous lunch, and delicious dinner for those who have to work late in the office, EC pays great attention to every detail in taking good care of its staff. Over the past ten years, EC has successfully become a warm and harmonious family with mutual respect all around.

As the old Chinese saying goes “a harmonious family fosters prosperity.” Taking this adage to heart, the EC people are confident that EC Innovations will be even more prosperous in the coming New Year.

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