EC Innovations appointed as a member of TSC-TAC

TAC held a convention on Dec. 23rd and 24th, 2016 for an annual summary in Beijing. The third session of the forth plenary conference of TSC- TAC and the third session of the second plenary conference of LSC-TAC (Localization Service Committee of Translators Association of China) were held simultaneously on the evening of Dec. 23th, 2016. At the conference, EC Innovations was officially appointed as a member of TSC-TAC.

Established in 2009, LSC-TAC, an affiliated branch of Translators Association of China, is a multi-agency committee composed of LSP’s, language service demanders, translation tools vendors, education and training institutions, as well as globalization and localization professionals. Under the leadership of TAC, the committee has been serving as a communication platform for organizations, enterprise and public institutions, and individuals in the localization industry to promote compliance across the industry with the national constitution, laws and regulations, as well as social morality and industry rules. In addition, the committee has always been committed to the industry demands, safeguarding the interests of localization practitioners, and encouraging a normative, orderly, and healthy development in the localization industry.

EC Innovations is one of the founding units and the board of director of LSC-TAC. EC Innovations’ CEO Dr. James Wei, also executive councillor of TAC, has been continuously contributing ideas and efforts for the development of the committee. As a result, TAC officially appointed ECI as a member of LSC-TAC not only for recognizing its contributions, but also for believing in the positive role that EC Innovations continues to play in LSC’s future development.

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