EC Innovations (Chengdu) Co-Organizes LISA at Chinasoft Fair 2010

Beijing, China (April 21, 2010) — As a featured part of the 8th annual China International Software Conference (ChinaSoft 2010), the LISA forum was held on April 19, 2010. EC Innovations (Chengdu), one of the largest localization service providers in Asia, made an outstanding contribution in co-organizing the forum.


Recently named a “Top 10 Translation Enterprise in China 2009” by the TAC (Translators Association of China), EC, a pioneer in the Chinese localization industry, is committed to actively furthering cross-cultural communication and helping global businesses prosper. By providing significant support to assist LISA in hosting this forum in Chengdu during ChinaSoft Fair 2010, EC hoped to promote outsourcing localization and global product development services in China.


ChinaSoft is one of the largest international software fairs held in Chengdu each year. It attracts thousands of software giants, notable IT leaders, government agencies, industrial associations and worldwide clients to communicate industry innovations and improve mutual collaboration. EC Chengdu acted as an intermediary between the Chengdu government and LISA, helping to organize the LISA program as a part of this conference and make all of the necessary preparations and arrangements. EC was also responsible for providing interpretation services, including simultaneous interpretation, for all forum sessions and escort interpretation for the official meetings. With a focus on the role of localization in building quality international software products, the LISA program will help international companies deliver high-quality localization and international software products.


“We are glad to have made our best effort in co-organizing this great professional forum,” said Jane Du, CEO of EC Innovations (Chengdu), in an interview with reporters. “Chengdu has developed very quickly in recent years and is now poising itself to be a global hub for software development. Outsourced services should not only include the development of core functionality, but also multiple language versions of software for the purpose of global publishing. Comprehensive software development can save time and cost and greatly improve efficiency. Through this opportunity, we hope to let the world know more about Chengdu and its capability to provide a one-stop solution for software development and globalization.”
As one of the localization and translation enterprises in the Chengdu Global Multi-language Center, EC Innovations (Chengdu) is well-known for its rich experience and outstanding reputation in providing localization services to global companies. EC’s positive development and continuous improvement have also shown the industry Chengdu’s potential to become a new global center for software outsourcing.

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