EC Innovations (ECI) Gameloc: The Most Accurate and Low Cost Solution to Game Localization

Consider localization of a game when you are under contract with your company to sell the game in a new country or market. Translation is a crucial aspect of game localization but, we know the issues with localization are just too numerous to count, and one of foremost ones being how well the translator can completely express the passions and emotions in the game according to the game’s style. Moreover, how can it be ensured that the interface remains consistent and tidy with all the necessary updates? How can one reduce the continued regression modification and testing after localization? How can one complete the process of localization of the game in the given turnaround time so that it is released on schedule?


A step towards the improvement of games localization with EC Innovations (ECI) Gameloc

ECI Gameloc is a solution that was specifically designed for the purposes of game localization. The main function is all about providing translators with game interface information and context within a CAT environment. The linguist can also see the target language in the game environment at the same time.

The translators working in the CAT environment can invoke the game interface easily for the current translation segment using the shortcut key. Another benefit is that linguists can switch the source language with the target language in-game. Thanks to the implementation of this program, the translator gets to have more context and gains a better idea about the translation segments during the translation process, as well as notes display issues like translation expansion exceeding the frame. This highly increases the performance quality of the translations, and as more information is offered, translators do not need to hesitate in understanding the meanings, which considerably improves the effectiveness of the translations. The translators do not just benefit from these features, but also it helps them in bringing down the time needed for testing by the improvement of translation quality, and we even get to overlook the testing process. We can save both the time and money that is usually spent for game localization.


ECI Gameloc elements:

There are four elements to Gameloc: dynamic content extraction, game engine plug-in, CAT connector, and main working platform.

Dynamic Content Extraction: Extracting dynamic content is quite a challenge. It depends upon the architects working on game development. Therefore, an added solution is important for positioning in the game interface. We can customize solutions depending on the game’s development plan.

Game Engine Plugin: The game engine plugin helps locating the game interface using the files in the game engine. Our present solution uses Unity3D to deliver the best experience.

CAT Connector: Translators can use the CAT connector to access the main work platform and retrieve the game interface. It is a standalone tool that you only need to run during the translation process.

Main working platform: users can preview the environment and the game interface, set translation languages, and change between the translations and the original text using the main working platform.



Let’s look back about a hundred years and see how far technology has come. In the last thirty years, the growth of the game localization industry has been intricately linked with the use of various kinds of technology: QA tools, CAT, terminology management, MT, TMS, and many other small or large tools play a crucial role in the daily localization process. ECI Gameloc is now among them, offering its benefits in the area of game localization and offering amazing localized games for your consumers.

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