EC Innovations, Inc. is thrilled to be ranked by Slator LSPI as “Super Agencies and Leaders”.

EC Innovations announced today its official ranking as one of the “Super Agencies and Leaders” in the global translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology, as listed in the Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index. All of our staff are excited about this announcement, and this will give us more opportunities to provide localization services to our global customers.

EC Innovations was named by LSPI as the 40th largest LSP in the world.

As mentioned in LSPI, “Founded in 1997, EC Innovations is a Singapore-headquartered LSP, which offers a range of services including translation, interpreting, web and game localization, subtitling, and dubbing. EC Innovations grew by 21% in 2019, increasing its revenues to USD 25m, and entered the LSPI Leaders segment for the first time in 2020. “

There are more than 130 companies in the Slator 2020 LSPI, of which more than 70 debuted this year. Based on the 2019 edition of LSPI, the landscape of providers is segmented into separate lists of “Super Agencies and Leaders” and “Challengers”, and 2020 LSPI has been expanded to include a new set of smaller “Boutiques”.

About the Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index

The Slator 2020 Language Service Provider Index is a ranking and index of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies. For more information, please visit:

About EC Innovations

For 22 years, EC Innovations has been empowering communications for leading multinationals. Originally known as a supplier to suppliers, EC Innovations has quickly become one of the fastest growing multilingual Language Service Providers in the marketplace and the world. EC Innovations’ specializations include customized hybrid models/technology solutions to fit any budget and subject matter expertise for most industry verticals.

Today, EC Innovations has grown into 3 regional HQs (Singapore, Budapest, Chicago) and a total of 12 strategic global offices, 350 plus full-time employees, offering full localization support into 130+ languages and 260 locales. For more information, please visit:

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