EC Innovations joins TAUS

EC Innovations, a leading full-service localization solutions company employing over two hundred full-time staff in nine offices around the world, today announced its membership of TAUS, the leading global think tank and technology watchdog for the translation industry.

The TAUS mission “is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better.” It is recognized for successfully catalyzing knowledge and resource sharing to drive the industry’s innovation agenda.

We are not only very excited about this year’s TAUS Asia Summit in Beijing, where we’ll see buyers and providers of translation services and technologies in Asian languages come together, we are also proud that EC Innovations has decided to be a part of this event and moreover, join the TAUS community!’ said Jaap van der Meer, director of TAUS.

About TAUS

TAUS is an innovation think tank and interoperability watchdog for the translation industry, uniting translation buyers, language service and translation technology providers globally. TAUS supports entrepreneurs and principals in the translation industry to share and define new strategies through a comprehensive range of events, publications and knowledge tools.

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