EC Innovations Named Top 10 Translation Enterprise of 2009

Highlight: EC Innovations was named a Top 10 Translation Enterprise of 2009 by the TAC (Translators Association of China) in Beijing. The award was a further recognition of EC’s leading position in China’s translation and localization industry. 

Beijing, China (November 13, 2009) — EC Innovations Ltd, one of the largest translation and localization service providers in Asia, has been named a “Top 10 Translation Enterprise in China 2009” by the TAC (Translators Association of China). The award was granted at the sixth session of the TAC National Convention in Beijing on November 13, 2009, and serves as a further recognition of EC’s most prestigious position in China’s translation and localization industry.


The Translators Association of China (TAC) is the only national association in the field of translation in China, and is made up of institutions, enterprises, associations and individuals engaged in translation, interpretation, localization and terminology management. With this award, TAC entrusted the recipients with the goals of encouraging China’s translation industry to follow their stellar examples and furthering their dedication to the field by enhancing their professional qualities, improving management, and creating a fair and orderly environment for competition in the translation market.


EC stands out among the thousands of translation and localization companies in China due to its reputation for superior quality, advanced technology and management, outstanding value creation, and active support for the development of the translation industry. A consistent provider of the highest level of professional localization services for over 12 years, EC has made outstanding efforts to further cross-cultural communication and accumulated extensive experience in helping global businesses prosper.


“We are greatly honored to have been included in this year’s list of ‘Top 10 Translation Enterprises in China,'” said Dr. James Wei, President of EC Innovations. “We deeply appreciate it and I attribute this success to all of our talented and dedicated people. We will continue to do our utmost to empower communication between different countries, as our company’s name suggests, and will continue to contribute to the industry’s development and prosperity.”


Now with a network of over 180 full-time in-house staff in seven locations throughout China and the US, as well as thousands of language specialists worldwide, EC Innovations will keep moving ahead and striving for greater success.

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