EC Innovations Presented at the 2008 FIT World Congress

The first ever FIT (International Federation of Translators) World Congress to be held in Asia took place on August 4, 2008 in Shanghai, China. Over 1500 delegates from 74 countries and regions participated this conference. EC Innovations, as one of the largest localization service providers in Asia, sponsored this conference and delivered a speech in a localization seminar.

Nowadays, as globalization has become an inevitable trend for business development, Chinese enterprises have begun to put more effort into expanding their international reach, thereby making localization even more important in their product life cycles.

Based on many years of experience in offering professional localization services to the world’s leading companies, EC Innovations shared its valuable experience with domestic enterprises during its presentation, and provided practical suggestions and suitable solutions to help these enterprises smooth their path to global development.

In the meantime, since the gap between traditional translation and localization still remains in China, as practitioners of the two disciplines have not integrated and do not communicate well with each other, EC also worked to reach out to traditional translation companies and widely promote China’s localization industry during this conference.

Founded in Paris in 1953, FIT is an international federation of translators’ associations which are located in nearly 50 countries throughout the world. The FIT world congress is organized every 3 years, and this 18th FIT World Congress was the first to be held in Asia. More information is available at

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