Long Time Collaborators Enter into Partnership Agreement to Bring Clients International E-Learning Solutions

Chicago, Illinois, USA and Sevilla, SpainApril 24, 2017 Media Interactiva, a world leader in education software development specializing in performance-based learning and testing technologies, is joining EC Innovations, a trusted advisor and leader in providing customized translation/localization solutions, entered into a partnership agreement to bring global minded organizations a full-scale solution for training and eLearning from start to finish.

Together, EC Innovations and Media Interactiva will be combining a wide variety of expertise and knowledge in their respective spaces that spans across the globe into virtually every industry vertical with expertise in 260 locales and 60+ languages.

After working together on vast array of initiatives for clients like Microsoft, 3D Systems, Autodesk, VMWare and more, the two companies intend to bring their effective collaboration to clients on a global scale.  There are tremendous advantages and value-adds when there is an opportunity to work together at the onset of any newly developed training management module from the planning to the possibility of simultaneous global deliveries without any pause.

“Working with Benito, Miguel, Sam, Kevin and the Media Interactiva family has always been an enriching experience and we have no doubt that there will be many more advantages and offerings to both client bases using this truly globalized method to MI’s instructional materials, courses and certifications.” 

stated Michael J. Asquith, SVP, Localization Programs

EC Innovations brings Media Interactiva’s expertise in educational software to its prestigious list of world-class corporate customers looking for a comprehensive training and testing solutions.

“Media Interactiva is honored that EC Innovations selected us to provide innovative and performance-based learning solutions to its clients”, said Sam Brocal, CEO of Media Interactiva. “Our solutions will now benefit an even larger set of customers looking to train and assess their internal employees as well as their downstream customers”.

EC Innovations is excited to announce this partnership agreement with Media Interactiva which will be positive to the development of both companies as the customer experience becomes unmatched for the sake of global clientele. Cheers to the future!

More about EC Innovations:

EC Innovations’clients and personnel alike are the innovators, the dreamers, the developers and the communicators that assimilate and embrace the distinct differences that make the rich tapestry of the world so colorful and beautifully competitive. Global business and cultures brought together through our fundamental perseverance to be that much better than ourselves and larger than the simple sum of our parts; now impervious to the imaginary lines that should no longer divide us. This singular belief makes ourselves and our clients’ products/services and international brand distinguishable amongst all of the rest.

Like the seven (7) wonders of the world, ECI’ seven (7) pillars for an impactful and successful “Localization Program”, interconnect over 260+ locales daily accomplishing this feat one great company at a time.

Today, EC Innovations has grown into one of the fastest growing multilingual Language Service Providers in the world. With three (3) regional HQ’s (Beijing, Budapest, Chicago), a total of 11 strategic global offices and 300+ full-time employees; we offer full localization support and solutions into 60+ languages.

What We Do:

Localization, Translation, Revolutionary Translation Business Management System ™ (TBMS), a user-friendly localization project-, process- and business-management suite, Customized Solutions for Web, Documentation, Software, Digital Media/Content, eLearning; Hybrid Models – Menu of Quality Variances/Options to fit any budget, ISO 17100:2015 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Methodologies, Utilization of Piecemeal Technologies to Enhance/Create YOUR Localization Program 

Our Mission:

EC Innovations seeks to be a single-source solution for all our clients’ language needs. By providing the highest quality localization services and employing ISO-certified work-flows, we ensure the successful execution of each project we manage. By using our cutting-edge work-flow technology to automate many project management tasks, we also minimize the management burden clients typically experience with other providers.

More about Media Interactiva:

Media Interactiva was founded by Sam Brocal, a visionary technologist with a strong background in managing software development, e-Learning, digital literacy, and simulation development. Media Interactiva has been one of the companies chosen by the leading certification firms worldwide, who trust them for the development, testing, and localization of certification exams and practice tests.

Media Interactiva´s team conducts a thorough analysis of the specifications of the content, domains, objectives, scope documents, and designs for each of the exams or practical tests. EC Innovations will create a package from start to finish with Media Interactiva in the form that ECI will be doing all their translation and localization services.

Media Interactiva also has a subsidiarity called MeasureUp, the world leader in certification practice tests and assessments for IT professionals. The MeasureUp solution provides the necessary tools to reinforce learning and validate knowledge for students, instructors, and clients of hundreds of corporations, career colleges, and technical training facilities worldwide.

For more information, please contact at eLearning@ECInnovations.com

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