Management Software –Providing EC Innovations with a powerful competitive edge

Organizing businesses on a global scale is one of the most complex managerial challenges a company may face these days. This is especially the case when international activities are subject to increasing diversity and the uncertainty of local social and cultural habits. The translation and localization industry is no exception, as it involves many projects in a wide range of language pairs and fields, requiring different timelines, and involving extensive resources and clients from all over the world.

Aimed at ensuring the highest quality for all projects, the crucial challenges posed to localization companies also include: how to ensure operations strictly comply with regulated project processes and the corresponding records are efficiently created; how to visibly monitor progress on a real-time basis to ensure all tracks are in good order and approaching the right targets; and how to make sure all parties share information in a timely manner so as to maintain consistency throughout the whole project.

The solution to this challenge is undoubtedly management software. EC Innovations (EC), one of the largest localization and translation service providers in Asia, developed a web-based Translation Business Management System which has already been in operation for more than two years. This system was specially designed to match EC’s business processes and project workflows, and can be accessed around globe.

As comprehensive software, this system includes modules for project management, resource management, the quality assurance system, knowledge management, client management, finance management and performance management. With the help of the system, overall progress is visualized and efficiency has greatly improved.

Having benefited a great deal from the system, EC Innovations is now developing the second version of the system to adapt to new requirements and an increasingly optimized workflow. In addition to new features, the system also integrates the centralized translation memory (TM), terminology and industry dictionaries to improve the reuse of existing multilingual assets. Combined with an array of automated checking and reminding functions, the latest version aims to realize maximum intelligent management and further sharpen EC’s competitive edge.

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