Industry Specific

J2450—The Translation Quality Metric Widely Used by Leading Auto Manufacturers

An automobile is a mechanical product that is technology-intensive and involves complex operations. It requires a large amount of documentation, such as user manuals, maintenance manuals, insurance manuals, product specifications, patent application forms, and marketing manuals. Accurate translations of all this information ensure customer satisfaction and auto manufacturers’ success in global markets. Inaccurate translations; however, […]

News & Events

EC Innovations Is Sponsoring NORDIC TechKomm 2018 to Focus on Technical Communication

NORDIC TechKomm 2018 will be held on 26-27 September in Copenhagen. At the two-day event, experts from various European countries will convene in Copenhagen to share best practices or present current ideas on the main conference topic “How to make your documentation intelligent today”. The conference expects attendees from a large spectrum of professional backgrounds

Industry Specific

System Integration – Solution for Content Management in Pharmaceutical Localization

The operations of the pharmaceutical industry are intertwined with matters of public safety and public health. As such, strict regulatory requirements pertaining to the review and registration of new drugs and generic drugs are in place in various countries. Pharmaceutical companies are required to submit accurate and adequate information in their filings for drug approval

T9N & L10N

ISO-Certified Translation Services

How can you ensure whether quality standards are in place when selecting a translation partner? Though translation quality can be highly subjective, the procedures and protocols of carrying out quality work have important parameters. When selecting a translation partner, certification gives reassurance that an LSP has the capability to provide quality service through a fully

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