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How to Successfully Market Yourself as a Freelance Translator

As a freelance translator, you need more than competent translation skills to stand out – you must also know how to market yourself effectively.  The translation industry is highly competitive. According to the Translators Association of China (TAC), there are approximately 640,000 translators worldwide, and 25% of them work as freelancers. Acquiring new clients can be […]


4 Ways to Keep Legal Translation Content Secure

Cyberattacks are a growing threat across all industries. The legal sector is particularly vulnerable because firms deal with an extraordinary amount of privileged information and cybersecurity practices in the industry may not catch up quickly enough. For law firms that use third-party legal translation services as part of their practice, the threat could be far

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4 Tips for FinTech Companies Expanding Globally

FinTech, a term that has garnered worldwide recognition, refers to a rapidly growing industry that facilitates saving, investing, borrowing, and transferring funds by enhancing these traditional financing methods in the context of a virtual environment. According to Statista, in 2021 alone, the world saw a total of 26,346 fintech startups. In this aggressively expanding yet

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EC Innovations Ranked as the 37th Largest Language Services Provider in the World and the 9th in Asia

Based on 2020 verified revenues, the annual rankings are the result of the language industry’s most comprehensive, large-scale survey of the language services and translation technology market by CSA Research (Singapore, Asia HQ) – The language services and technology industry includes more than 27,000 players worldwide, ranging from boutique local agencies to large global companies. This

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5 common mistakes in medical translations

A lot of businesses ruin their medical translation projects from disregarding the importance of working with a professional translation company. While it is easy to quickly complete a translation project using machine translations, contents which are highly medical require high level of medical knowledge to translate accurately. The end product of any document translation project

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5 Reason Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need LSPs

The need for professional language service providers in the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly on the rise. The multi-billion-dollar industry needs the services of medical translation experts to take on the massive numbers of processes like clinical trials and research, manufacturing processes, packaging and marketing processes, and regulatory submissions. Thus, the translation industry has a significant

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