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5 Consequences of Mistranslated Prescriptions

Mistranslated prescriptions are increasingly becoming a big issue in the health and pharmaceutical industry. Users with poor or non-English skills can get into serious health issues from misinterpreting prescriptions. Thus, every pharmaceutical company must adopt the right pharmaceutical translation team. However, when companies cut corners and use the wrong professional translation company, there are consequences […]

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Burning Question – What Are The Top Types Of Medical Translation?

Medical translation is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after translation services. The Covid-19 situation shows the need for intensified research in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and medical translation is an integral part of the process. However, medical translation services rank as one of the hardest translation services in the industry. The medical

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7 Tips to Protect Your Translation Data for the Life Science Industry

The pharmaceutical and biotech tech industry has enjoyed enormous benefits from recent technologies. Data science and artificial intelligence are gradually changing the manufacturing processes, service delivery, and product chains of life science industries. However, these positive changes expose life science companies to cyber attacks. Cyber risks are continually on the increase, and with the amount

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5 Important Tips for Any Medical Translation Project

Medical translation processes are complicated and require an expert translation agency to handle any project successfully. For a medical translation project to be successful, the language services providers involved in the project must have detailed knowledge of all parts of medical and pharmaceutical expertise concerned. Aside from the complex areas involved, medical translation processes undergo

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Top 5 Challenges Faced In the Medical Translation

Medical translation is an intricate part of professional translation that requires many details. It involves professionals from different parts of the globe, hence the technicality involved. Translation agencies in the pharmaceutical industry deal with many complexities. Medical translation agencies must work with highly trained professionals with a vast knowledge of medicine to be able to

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3 Tips to Ensure Successful Clinical Trial Translations

Medical Translation Services is an integral part of clinical trials. Clinical trials involve professional researchers from all parts of the world. Researchers use Certified Documents, specialized medical equipment and new drugs for new clinical trials. Thus, much of the process takes place in the researchers’ native language. To help the researchers collaborate with their foreign

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