President of EC Innovations Interviewed in China Report

As the FIT (International Federation of Translators) World Congress will soon be held in China for the first time, the President of EC Innovations (EC), Dr. James Wei, a senior expert in the translation and localization industry, was recently interviewed by the journal China Report.
Dr. James Wei established his localization company in the early stages of the Chinese localization industry. Consistently focusing on localization and translation services with quality as its highest priority from the very beginning, EC today has achieved a prominent status in the Chinese localization industry and has earned a great reputation worldwide.

Dr. Wei recalls that the company has experienced many difficulties and tough periods over the course of its history. In 2002 when the network bubble broke, he decided to stop expanding and hiring new personnel, which caused a great deal of pressure on resources for the next three years.

“This industry is growing rather fast,” said Dr. Wei. “Localization companies must always study market trends and understand their clients’ needs. It is very important to have a suitable development strategy and plan timely.”

While many of its peer companies have shifted their focus to other areas, such as software outsourcing or testing, EC still remains consistent in its mission to provide the best professional services to help clients expand their business globally. As more businesses come to China with new language requirements and the Chinese localization industry enters a new golden era, we are confident that EC Innovations is well-prepared to continue to make more outstanding achievements in the future.

The interview is published in China Report, 7th issue, 2008.

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