Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed between EC and YaTuo Company

Beijing, China – On May 23, 2014 EC Innovations, Inc. (ECI) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou YaTuo Company (YaTuo). This collaboration comes at an opportune time as ECI continues its global expansion as well as for YaTuo who will benefit from ECI’s firm understanding of the idiosyncrasies associated to the localization industry. This partnership has already led to several multilingual MT solutions being used by clients globally.

ECI’s knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to YaTuo’s continuous enhancements while YaTuo, with its dedicated team of research and development experts in Machine Translation (MT) theory and technology, will offer an industry leading MT system.

The NiuTrans MT team from YaTuo are industry leaders in technical research and product engineering globally. The core members of NiuTrans team are also members of the prestigious Natural Language Processing Laboratory at Northeastern University (NEU NLP Lab). Founded in 1980 by the first Ph.D. Supervisor in the computational linguistics field in China, Tianshun Yao, the NEU NLP has been continually focusing on Machine Translation technology into multiple languages for more than 34 years.

The ECI and YaTuo relationship— the heart of the partnership was the development and sharing of the NiuTrans system and the NiuTrans Server. This system marks an important milestone in the development of how MT is used in the translation & localization industry. YaTuo successfully developed the NiuTrans Server MT system for ECI and is the first private cloud platform system targeted at enterprise-level clients, worldwide. The NiuTrans Server is accompanied by the highest confidentiality protection; meaning the privacy of client & user information is completely assured; this includes high volume e-commerce certification, physical security and application security to name a few. Meanwhile, based on the private cloud server, the co-development between the two companies has established a corpus of ten million words, which enables EC Innovations to provide a large quantity of high quality translation & localization options for our clients requiring MT.

EC Innovations, Inc.

Precision Matters in Translation ℠

For over 17 years, EC Innovations has specialized in customized solutions and subject matter expertise to fit almost any budget for most industry verticals.

Originally known as a supplier to suppliers, ECI has quickly become one of the fastestgrowing language service providers in the marketplace.

Today, EC Innovations has grown into 14 strategically located global offices, 300+ full-time employees; offering full localization support into 60+ languages.

EC Innovations continues to build its reputation as a customer-centric organization with a keen focus on high quality standards and technological creativity to overcome any obstacle and ultimately add true value to any localization program.



Hangzhou YaTuo Company

Established in 2012, Hangzhou YaTuo Company is a high-tech company that specializes in the industrial application of multi-language MT technology where an impressive 40% of its employees have a doctorate degree. YaTuo has built and maintains a close strategic partnership with their alma mater NEU NLP Labs, providing strong, stable and innovative technical support to MT technology applications. YaTuo’s commitment to being a technological leader in MT system applications is solely driven by its desire to provide their partners with the most effective and customized MT systems available in the industry.


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