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10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Medical Translation Agency

In today’s interconnected society, medical translation are pivotal in ensuring accurate and efficient communication between healthcare providers and patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Medical professionals must provide accurate and culturally appropriate information in a language that patients can understand. However, the importance of medical translations extends beyond mere language conversion; it encompasses medical terminology, varied […]

Industry Specific, Medical & Life Sciences

7 Tips to Prepare For Your Medical Translation

In a world where accuracy and precision are paramount, language is the gateway to understanding life-saving information. As individuals and communities become more diverse, healthcare providers must ensure that accurate and culturally sensitive information is accessible to every patient. Accurate translations of medical documents, such as medical records, consent forms, clinical trial data and research

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5 Reason Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need LSPs

The need for professional language service providers in the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly on the rise. The multi-billion-dollar industry needs the services of medical translation experts to take on the massive numbers of processes like clinical trials and research, manufacturing processes, packaging and marketing processes, and regulatory submissions. Thus, the translation industry has a significant

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Burning Question – What Are The Top Types Of Medical Translation?

Medical translation is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after translation services. The Covid-19 situation shows the need for intensified research in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and medical translation is an integral part of the process. However, medical translation services rank as one of the hardest translation services in the industry. The medical

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Top 5 Challenges Faced In the Medical Translation

Medical translation is an intricate part of professional translation that requires many details. It involves professionals from different parts of the globe, hence the technicality involved. Translation agencies in the pharmaceutical industry deal with many complexities. Medical translation agencies must work with highly trained professionals with a vast knowledge of medicine to be able to

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5 steps that must be taken when preparing your medical device UI files for translation

Localization of the User Interface (UI) of medical devices is extremely important. Medical devices are used in hospitals, healthcare clinics, and home health care settings. Accurate translation and localization of such devices ensure that end-users, both medical professionals and patients, will properly understand how to use such devices. This is critical because of the sensitivity

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