Trends in Localization

Process Automation
One of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of managing translation initiatives within an organization is the management itself: overseeing workflows, hand-offs, vendors, and review cycles, all while keeping up to date on the latest trends and technologies and managing costs. What if there was a tool that could help you automate these management tasks and could give you one-click insight into your translation and localization initiatives? Introducing EC Innovations’ user-friendly, functionality-rich tool: TBMS – a Translation Business Management System for managing your translation and localization programs.

Features includ:
•  Drag-and-drop workflow design that allows you to go out-of-the-box and into production quickly and painlessly.
•  Vendor management, including financial reports
•  One-touch, real-time KPI Dashboard and Project Status screens
•  Automated file-sorting
•  Easy project scheduling with Gantt overview
•  CAT- and vendor-neutrality
•  Ability to interface directly with your CMS to create a seamless content supply chain
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Machine Translation (MT) and Post-Editing
Machine Translation, or MT, is carried out by sophisticated translation programs that rely on vast databases of existing translations as well as complex rules and algorithms to provide quick, automated translations that are as natural as possible. For large projects for which quality is secondary to price, MT without edits and oversight from professional translators can make sense. Example: many knowledge base articles require translation into a large number of languages, but the audience for and importance of the articles may not warrant the cost and time required to use traditional, professional translation. Alternatively, in cases where quality is a higher priority but audience size and the source material’s importance do not justify the full spend of professional translation, MT post-editing provides an intermediate offering. Following a first-pass machine translation, a professional translator performs a ‘post-editing’ quality assurance (QA) step in which a professional linguist simply compares the source material against the automated translation to ensure accuracy. Further QA steps can be added to increase the quality, with various tiers of quality available to suit any budget and need.

In the context of translation and localization, crowdsourcing is the practice of turning your translation needs over to a global resource pool of professional, semi-professional or amateur translators. With a resource pool of over 2,000 localization professionals in more than 100 countries, EC Innovations can professionally crowdsource your translation projects and manage the initiatives for you, employing our revolutionary TBMS translation workflow and business intelligence software. For materials you trust to your brand’s fan-base, e.g. pubic web interfaces in ‘long-tail’(i.e., smaller) markets, you may choose to have amateur volunteers translate the materials, with or without post-translation quality assurance (QA) carried out by trained professionals. No matter what combination of resources you use, EC Innovations can help you automate and manage such initiatives to ensure you get the right quality for your needs and budget.

Transcreation v. Trans-adaptation v. Translation for Marketing Needs

For sophisticated marketing messages, especially for advertising campaigns, a simple, word-for-word translation is rarely the best way to go. This is especially true when the messaging relies on word-play, colloquialisms, imagery or other mechanisms that are very specific to the author’s home country, language or culture. In these cases, EC Innovations offers transcreation, a creative service in which expert copywriters in the local country produce an equivalent adaptation of the content that conveys the same message to the local market in a culturally appropriate way. The source materials may or may not even be translated in this case; they may simply serve as the reference point for the local marketing experts.

EC Innovations also offers a hybrid solution called trans-adaptation, during which the source materials are subjected to traditional translation by experts in marketing translation, then adapted to the local market as needed. On the price scale, this is the intermediate choice between traditional marketing translation (the least expensive option) and transcreation.

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