EC Innovations CSR

CSR Mission

EC Innovations is committed to achieving and maintaining a business model that is sustainable for all stakeholders, meaning not just our shareholders, but also our employees, the communities in which they work, our vendors, and our clients. CSR Strategy: EC Innovations' CSR strategy is focused on sustainability. Most people automatically think of the environment when they think about sustainability, but a true CSR strategy must take a broader view of the term to encompass all aspects of sustainability. To us, that also means a business model that is sustainable in both the short and long terms; sustainable business relationships; sustainable employee relationships. To achieve these goals, we focus on four factors: 


Reduced overhead = Reduced waste. EC Innovations maintains a low-overhead business model not just to reduce costs, but also to reduce our carbon footprint. By having fewer physical offices and more virtual ones, we reduce pollution and waste associated with commuting. 

Reduction > recycling. Recycling is a great way to mitigate the impact of consumption on the environment, but reduction is an even more effective means. At EC Innovations, we therefore encourage reduction in the use of resources by printing only when absolutely necessary, using paperless invoicing, and by preferring virtual meetings to face-to-face meetings whenever possible, to reduce our carbon-intensive travel associated with such meetings. 

Business Model

At EC Innovations, we also believe in a sustainable business model that will help ensure a secure future for all our stakeholders. To achieve this goal, we do not focus on short-term revenue generation, but on long-term relationships that will produce a steady, sustainable source of revenue for years to come.We achieve this goal by pricing both quality and profitability into our rates, even if that means we are not the least expensive among competitors (though thanks to our lower overhead, we often still are). While many companies in our industry take the short-term approach and promise unsustainable rates that lead to lower quality in order to drive up revenue in the short term, we believe such tactics ultimately lead to an unsustainable business model, which is of no longer-term value to their clients, their shareholders or their other stakeholders. 

Business Relationships

EC Innovations also believe in sustainable business relationships with both our clients and our own vendors. We achieve such relationships through four guiding watchwords: Respect, Transparency, Fairness and Honesty. We respect our clients and vendors as equal partners in our long-term mutual success. We are transparent in our dealings with vendors and clients, with clear pricing and no gimmicks. We are fair to all our partners, never seeking to 'squeeze' clients or vendors for some short-term gain. And we are honest in all our business dealings, vowing never to cheat, bribe or misled in any business engagement. 

Employee Welfare

At EC Innovations, we firmly believe that we are only as strong when our employees are satisfied and fulfilled, and we count all employees as stakeholders to be considered in how we define success. We believe that if we succeed financially but fail to provide meaningful careers and a good working atmosphere for our employees, then we have failed as a company. To achieve our goal of maximizing employee benefit, we offer excellent career paths to all employees, fair welfare package and a friendly working environment. Our success is measured by our employee turn-over rate, which we are proud to say is very low in localizations industry.
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