Ai Data Annotation | Data Annotation Training

Ai Data Annotation | Data Annotation Training

Polyline Annotation:This is usually used to annotate lanes for self-driving vehicles to define the positions of linear objects precisely without excessive noise and white spaces.Data Annotation
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EC Innovations has been empowering communications for many leading multinationals. Our specializations include customized hybrid models/technology solutions to fit any budget and subject matter expertise for most industry verticals. Today, EC Innovations has grown into 3 regional headquarters (Singapore, Budapest, and Wilmington) and a total of 8 strategic global offices, employing over 5,000 linguists to offer full localization support into 130+ languages and 260 locales.

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Data Annotation | Excellent Team

With an excellent team of multidisciplinary and multilingual professionals, and a global crowd of linguists, we're ready to provide technical support and consultative services to address your unique business challenges.Data Annotation

Data Annotation | Industry Presence

ECI is well-recognized by clients and the industry for its dedication to providing customized solutions for each data annotation project by working closely with clients.

Data Annotation | Industry Presence

Data Annotation | Advanced Technologies

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, our platform helps your save costs and improve efficiency. Our robust quality assurance system and well-defined quality control process ensure a data accuracy of 99%.Data Annotation

Data Annotation | One-Stop Service

We offer a full range of data services tailored exactly to your needs, covering data collection, data annotation, and data evaluation.D

Data Annotation | One-Stop Service
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<p>Our company provides data collection services. We collect high-quality data across multiple data types, including text, speech and audio, images and video, in a variety of scenarios.</p>

<p>Our data annotation service accurately annotates, classifies, and analyzes unstructured multilingual data needed to train machine learning applications to ensure accurate results: cleaning, extraction, and annotation at scale for text, speech, audio, image, video, and other special data.</p>

<p>We also provide data evaluation services. We conduct analysis through social media and chatbots. ECI's data evaluation service is designed to help you improve the quality and accuracy of online information, optimize content moderation, and ensure search engine relevance.</p>

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