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Game Localization Agency | Mobile Game Localization

Our game localization Supported Game Genres:RPG,FPS,Simulation,Strategy,Adventure,Sports and Education.EC Innovations has gained experience localizing many of the world's largest games.Game Iocalization
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EC Innovations has been empowering communications for many leading multinationals. Our specializations include customized hybrid models/technology solutions to fit any budget and subject matter expertise for most industry verticals. Today, EC Innovations has grown into 3 regional headquarters (Singapore, Budapest, and Wilmington) and a total of 8 strategic global offices, employing over 5,000 linguists to offer full localization support into 130+ languages and 260 locales.

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Game Iocalization | Undertake Quality Assurance Checks

We are integrating your translation with your adapted visual elements, check the quality of both. For the videogame translation, ask your agency to provide proofreaders for the languages that you don't speak. These should not be the same individuals who undertook the translation as a fresh pair of eyes is far more likely to catch any typos.Game Iocalization

Game Iocalization | Undertake Quality Assurance Checks

Game Iocalization | A Step by Step Guide to Game Localization

1.Plan Your Project

2.Select Your Localization Company

3.Create a Localization Kit

4.Export Your Strings

5.Import Your Strings

6.Translate Your Content

7.Localize Non-text-based Elements

8.Undertake Quality Assurance Checks

9.Pull Everything Together

10.Pull Everything Together

11.Localize Your Packaging

Game Iocalization

Game Iocalization | Translation overview about our company

Established in 1997, EC Innovations currently has 9 branches worldwide, with over 400 full-time translators and more than 5,000 long-term partners. This enables us to provide our clients in the gaming industry with professional, flexible, and responsive game localization solutions. We offer a complete suite of packages for either turnkey solutions or a bespoke selection of services: translation, localization, dubbing, and LQA.

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1.Game Localization: ECI provides top-quality translation services for clients in the gaming industry. 2.Game Dubbing: ECI works with professional voiceover (VO) artists, all of whom are native speakers, to offer VO and post-production services to game publishers and studios all over the world. 3.Localization Testing (LQA): We guarantee the quality of our testing service to deliver the very best localization.

Supported Platforms:PC & Console Platforms:PlayStation 4,PlayStation 5,Xbox One,Xbox Series X,Nintendo 3DS,Nintendo Switch. Mobile Platforms:iOS,Android,KaiOS,Windows Mobile.

Our company uses Computer Assisted Translation (CAT), Term Banks (TB), Translation Management Systems (ECI TBMS LQA), Content Connector (ECI Connector), Localization Testing (ECI LQA) and Machine Translation (MT) for translation work.

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