ECI Condensed Informational Onboarding Packet

Table of Contents

  • The ECI Difference: Comparison Chart
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Linguist Evaluation Flow Chart
  • Project Timeline Example
  • Checklist for New Translation and Localization Projects
  • Initiating Quotes/Projects Flowchart
  • Quality Assurance System
  • Quality Assurance Checklist
  • Glossary Management
  • TM Management
  • Style Guide Template
  • Third Party Review Process
  • In-country Review Flowchart
  • Best Practices for Effective Client In-Country Review
  • Proofreader’s Checklist
  • Cultural Testing General Instructions
  • Cultural Testing Checklist Template
  • Checklist for Functional Testing
  • Checklist for Web Staging Site Linguistic Testing
  • Functional Testing Script Template
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