• Translation

    In addition to our experienced translators and advanced technology, the superior quality of EC Innovations’ projects also relies on our effective project process that has been continually optimized during our decade...
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  • Localization

    Through a full range of software localization services, EC Innovations helps clients succeed in the global market by localizing their products and software applications into any language. Our process ensures that all...
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  • Multimedia

    A wide variety of multimedia outputs, including but not limited to Flash movies, sound files, video clips, and complex graphics
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  • Interpretation

    At EC Innovations, we know that multilingual communication happens in real time; communication happens instantaneously with no room for error and no opportunity to edit.
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  • Testing & Engineering

    Testing and Engineering Managers in organizations of any size today are facing various challenges in preparing their products for a successful global market launch...
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  • Desktop Publishing

    An important step in the document translation process that should not be underestimated. Not only do page layouts, images...
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  • Website Localization

    Nowadays, as a company's direct window to the world and a major marketing tool, the Website becomes the primary port of call for information and services. Creating a sustainable localized Website is the first and most...
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  • Patent

    EC Innovations is the world’s leading provider of patent translation services, translating thousands of patents and IP-related documents each year across every industry.
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  • SAP Localization

    The cooperation between EC Innovations as an LSP and SAP dates back to 2007. In 2013, EC Innovations honorably joined...
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  • Machine Translation

    As companies are face with higher volumes of content that require translation, and as the time allotted for these projects...
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Quality is the Boss Who Pays Our Salary

As a leading provider of localization and translation services, EC Innovations Inc. has been offering a wide range of solutions for the world's leading companies for many years. EC Innovations enjoys an excellent reputation among its clients for the high quality of services, customized solutions, superior project management, state-of-the-art technology, and rigorous quality assurance systems. Our services are aligned to add value to your business.

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