As a world-leading language provider, EC Innovations provides a wide range of certified document translation services across all industries for more than 130 languages.

Our document translation services are designed for the digital age to seamlessly support our clients’ multilingual communication processes overseas. We offer the most professional document translation services by utilizing the latest translation memory tools to ensure consistency across all documents. We establish an expert team with native-speaking translators and quality reviewers as required for each of our projects to consistently deliver high-quality results. Each of the projects is subject to multiple levels of quality assurance and testing, including processes of editing and proofreading, as well as in-country review and/or SME review, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and the fastest time to market that meets the evolving needs of global business.

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Customized Translation Team

EC Innovations assembles a document translation team for every project with expert linguists in the TEP process, subject matter experts, in-country reviewers, engineers, and DTP specialists. Every one of them either has a degree in their dedicated industry, or has over 3 years of experience working in their specific area. More details about our expert document translation teams:

  • Subject-matter experts (SME): With cumulative knowledge and experience in their specific industry, our SMEs support terminology translation and maintenance as well as answer technical questions from translators.
  • Qualified translators: Our certified translators undergo assessment based on our Translation Quality Report (TQR), and we try our best to assign translators to the same product line for the same client.
  • Experienced editors: With years of proven translation experience, our editors are effective at using our cloud-based Computer-Assisted Translation tool to review and make edits in real time to provide feedback and confirmation in the shortest time possible.
  • Rigorous proofreaders: Equipped with background knowledge in a specific industry, they simulate end users by reviewing the translation with a fresh eye and without referencing source content.
  • Quality Assurance reviewers: Our QA team will sample 10% to 20% of total translations for independent verification of quality, and to identify potential quality issues.
  • In-country reviewers or third-party reviewers: Often requested by clients to serve as a further guarantee of translation quality.
  • In-country language leaders: Work closely with our translator recruitment and management team to build tailored and dedicated translator teams for each client.
  • Multilingual DTP team: Ensures that translated documents are compliant and ready to be published in the right format.

Cloud-Based Terminology Management

EC Innovations uses efficient Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool and Terminology Management System (TMS) to provide accurate and consistent translations. Supported by our cloud-based TMS, the translated terms can be automatically displayed and selected online, and easily reviewed and verified by our technical linguists and QA reviewers. It is also capable of synchronizing translated terminology between the terminology database and the translation memory (TM) database. For the newly-added terms or changes to the translation of existing terms, the system will automatically check against the existing terminology translations in the TM and show every update. This way consistency of, and compliance with, glossaries can be ensured to the fullest extent.

Effective Project Management

The key to an automated processing system is gradually reducing human involvement in the workflow. With fewer hands-on tasks, we can save the processing and handling time, increase the accuracy of the whole process and eliminate mistakes. EC Innovations’ TBMS can provide interconnected solutions including automatic content fetching, workload analysis, quoting, billing, payment recording, TM and terminology maintenance, online support, online query management, and online QA and revision. A seamless translation and localization workflow in an advanced translation management system gets everything translated on pace with your multi-country production schedule. Read More

Quality Validation

EC Innovations understands that quality validation and cultural adaptation are essential to ensure the client’s brand, message, and product consistency are maintained across all languages. Our translation teams can fulfill requests for any level of content review, delivering the highest quality for regulatory compliance, and eliminating improper information for target consumers. Our trustworthy quality validation and testing process is conducted by professional linguists and testing engineers with the appropriate expertise in language and vertical industry, covering 260 countries/regions and all content types of all platforms.

Desktop Publishing

EC Innovations provides a wide array of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services including formatting and graphic design for books, user manuals, technical documentation, promotional collateral, online documentation, and training materials. We have extensive experience helping clients migrate their authoring processes to XML-based, DocBook or DITA standards. We are also experts in using localization-specific, XML-based standards such as XLIFF and TMX. Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists are ready to create and optimize your online and print documents for publication.

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EC Innovations supports translation into more than 120 major languages. All of our translators and reviewers are qualified professional native speakers with strong relevant background with many years of experience in the industry. EC Innovations providing certified document and language translation services in top countries. Languages that we support include but are not limited to:

  • CCJK: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • FIGS: French, Italian, German, Spanish and other European languages
  • VITM: Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Malay and other Asian Languages

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