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Providing You with High-Quality translations for Multilingual Courses to Increase Learner Engagement and Performance

E-Learning is rapidly becoming a necessity, especially for companies wishing to expand globally. Organizations with such aspirations spend countless workhours developing e-learning content for their employees, global learners, collaborators and clients in order to improve learning engagement and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the organization’s productivity. These training courses take a lot of time and resources to design and create to deliver targeted, relevant instruction. However, without a proper translation, you could be leaving customer opportunities behind and losing revenue. To make sure your global learners get the full training experience from your e-learning course material, you must ensure that content is localized well and provides the same experience as the course in the source language and culture.

EC Innovations is a comprehensive language solutions provider with a specialized practice group for e-learning translations, we understand the importance of conveying e-learning objectives accurately and completely across client organizations and around the globe. Our linguists utilize their native language skills and industry experience to offer accurate translations of e-learning and training materials, and to link all elements of an e-learning module and campaign localization into a comprehensive package that ensures a perfect fit for any undertaking.

Customized Translation Team

EC Innovations assembles a document translation team for every project with expert linguists in the TEP process, subject matter experts, in-country reviewers, engineers, and DTP specialists. Every one of them either has a degree in their dedicated industry, or has over 3 years of experience working in their specific area. More details about our expert document translation teams:

  • Subject-matter experts (SME): With cumulative knowledge and experience in their specific industry, our SMEs support terminology translation and maintenance as well as answer technical questions from translators.
  • Qualified translators: Our certified translators undergo assessment based on our Translation Quality Report (TQR), and we try our best to assign translators to the same product line for the same client.
  • Experienced editors: With years of proven translation experience, our editors are effective at using our cloud-based Computer-Assisted Translation tool to review and make edits in real time to provide feedback and confirmation in the shortest time possible.
  • Rigorous proofreaders: Equipped with background knowledge in a specific industry, they simulate end users by reviewing the translation with a fresh eye and without referencing source content.
  • Quality Assurance reviewers: Our QA team will sample 10% to 20% of total translations for independent verification of quality, and to identify potential quality issues.
  • In-country reviewers or third-party reviewers: Often requested by clients to serve as a further guarantee of translation quality.
  • In-country language leaders: Work closely with our translator recruitment and management team to build tailored and dedicated translator teams for each client.
  • Multilingual DTP team: Ensures that translated documents are compliant and ready to be published in the right format.

ECI holds International Translation Quality Certification—ISO17100

ECI’s processes and methodologies have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for many years now. This quality certification emphasizes ECI’s core values to its clients, rooted in translation excellence. This exemplifies our living motto, “In Translation, Precision Matters.” ECI’s customer-centered business model is built upon this principle which also serves as a cornerstone in providing efficient and effective comprehensive language solutions. By obtaining ISO 17100:2015 certification, ECI continues to provide to its growing client base; its priorities focused on further defining itself as a world-class leader in quality control management standards in translation services and technologies.

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Interactive E-Learning Development

EC Innovations localizes training courses covering a wide range of subjects including compliance, ethics, health & safety, management & leadership, soft skills, and product, technical, and sales training. Multilingual versions need to be much more than a word-for-word rendering of the source content. Our carefully selected native linguists, expert editors, and instructional designers work in conjunction with your subject matter experts to design specific e-learning activities and materials that will be a part of the course. At this stage, we review a course module and update the file to the latest web or mobile standards, redesign the appearance, and integrate with instructional techniques, and media elements to improve course effectiveness and ensure the course is fully optimized for all devices, giving learners the most interactive, user-friendly experience possible.


Audio-Video and Integration

There are a number of media elements that can be combined to create compelling e-lessons. Great attention is given to its graphic display and integration with images, animations, audio, and video to avoid overloading a learner’s working memory.
With our multimedia localization expertise and experienced professionals, EC Innovations specializes in localizing video content in e-learning and training materials regardless of how complex it may be, be it subtitling interviews, lip-sync dubbing of training scenario videos, or re-creating complex 3D text animations in other languages. Our audio directors and studio engineers are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality output into over 130 languages so you can maximize international learner engagement.


Website Localization

ECI has the resources, tools, experience, and methodologies necessary to ensure that your multilingual web presence will effectively project your company’s brand image in any language.

Key Types of E-Learning Translation and Localization Services

Our services encompass translation, cultural adaptation, desktop publishing, Flash and HTML5 integration, testing, and audio/multimedia localization helping you communicate with your employees or your customers, clearly and effectively getting your message across.

  • Training Materials Translation
  • Slides and Presentations Localization
  • Multimedia File Preparation and Integration
  • Graphics and On-Screen Text Localization
  • Script and OST Translation
  • Recording and Video dubbing
  • Audio and Video Post-Production
  • Subtitling of XML and Flash Content
  • Formatting and Typesetting
  • Publishing and QA Testing
  • Management of Complex Programs

Platforms and Environments We Work With

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