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Games need more than just translation: localization, globalization, and other cultural adaptations are all part of a successful international launch for your titles. Games localization offers players around the world the same game experience while remaining faithful to the source material. A high-quality localization brings your game to new markets and millions of new players.

Games localization comes with its own challenges, but we’re prepared to help you face them and make your games accessible on a global scale.

We offer a comprehensive suite of translation, video game localization, and multimedia services for the games industry. Our games industry linguists are all avid gamers who understand the needs of players and the terminologies across all platforms and genres. Our services for games localization include In-game text, UI, user manuals, voice-over, marketing materials, legal docs, and website localization.

Why choose EC Innovations as your language service provider?

  • Our linguists combine extensive experience localizing with a deep passion and in-depth knowledge of the games industry.
  • All localization content will be compliant to the 1st party’s terminologies and age-rating requirements. This can effectively lower the localization QA cost and minimize the risk of failing a submission.
  • It’s not just the cultural backgrounds, language differences, and button behaviors that are taken into consideration, issues including political matters and legal issues are also checked and verified to ensure you have an effective global release.

Game Localization process

Our localization process adapts to the stage of development your game is in. Our linguists will familiarize and review the text within the game, if there’s a playable version available, or with all the screenshots and other contextual content you can provide. But we know that’s often not possible, which is why we take a flexible approach when building our localization solutions.

Success Story

EC Innovations and Electronic Arts implemented human translation and editing for Simplified Chinese to drive the localization strategy to target the mainland China games market.

Agile Localization Solution

Gamers are always hungry for more enjoyable content, new releases, and constant updates. One of the biggest difficulties facing game developers releasing globally is the linguistic and cultural barriers of different regions, combined with the publishing speed required for games content. We understand this problem and work with our partners to integrate our localization seamlessly into your development process. Our agile game localization processes guarantee better quality localization and faster releases, using customized workflows designed to ensure a successful global release.

Professional game translators

Our translators, reviewers, linguists, voice actors, and project managers have extensive backgrounds and thorough experience in professional video game localization. Our professional game project teams are industry professionals who know games inside and out.


  • Official game guide
  • Instruction manual
  • Promotional videos
  • Marketing material
  • Graphics and images
  • Official website
  • Banners and ads
  • Contracts, conditions and warranty


  • Dubbing scripts
  • Video game subtitles
  • Dialogue list
  • On-screen text
  • Online help


  • Menus
  • System messages
  • On-screen help messages
  • Buttons

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