ECI CMS Connector

The ECI CMS Connector is an API developed by EC Innovations to provide customers with more effective project management. The CMS Connector easily connects your business systems to EC Innovations' Translation Management System (TMS). Automated task management means lower management costs, more efficient time management, and enhanced cooperation.

Through the ECI CMS Connector, your business system can integrate remotely with EC Innovations’ localization subsystems including TBMS-LPA, Cloud CAT, ECI Projekto and TM Server, simplifying such tasks as creating projects, analyzing files, pre-translating, and evaluating quality. Additionally, through the CMS Connector, you can send and manage translation projects directly in your own system. With less time spent on inefficient communication, you can focus on tasks that really matter.

Automatic content transfer and access

The CMS Connector integrates your content management system with ECI's localization system. Through pre-defined configurations, you only need to create and upload a translation project in your own system, and our project team will quickly respond and deliver the translation.

Automatic quotations

With having your content management system integrated with ECI Projekto, you can customize parameters including language pair, specific industry, delivery time, and translation flow; select third-party proofreading, DTP service, and upload match files upon request. ECI Projekto can go further and with the agreed rates, it can apply you specific discount after intelligently factoring in TM match rate, delivery time, word count, and selected service.

Real-time QA reports

The CMS Connector connects your content management system to ECI Cloud CAT. With pre-defined rules, Cloud CAT allows for real-time updates and reviews of termbases and TMs to guarantee consistent translation. Furthermore, the online translation system can mark the translations based on pre-defined quality criteria and instantly generate QA reports. That's how you can manage and control translation quality at any time.

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