ECI Connector

Enables efficient automation management by integrating with your system seamlessly

Introduction—ECI Connector provides customers with an effective automated process management feature. With Connector, your system will be seamlessly connected to EC Innovations’ Translation Business Management System (TBMS).

Automated processing of tasks, such as upload and download, will minimize the management costs. Efficient workflows make multilingual content management more convenient and enable you to learn about the progress of the project in a more timely and safer manner to finally publish the content.

Efficient Content Management

You can submit translated content using the process automation, which greatly reduces the time required for manual publishing.


ECI Connector is a highly flexible solution that can be customized based on your needs. We are also able to develop an exclusive Connector for your system in just a few weeks to provide you with an automation solution.

Seamless Integration

ECI Connector can seamlessly integrate your system with TBMS. The integration can be done with only a few simple configurations, thus significantly improving the efficiency and quality of translation project management and ensuring the consistency in translation.

Familiar Operating Environment

As an all-in-one management platform, ECI Connector allows you to easily perform management tasks in your system without having to log in to other complicated platforms.

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A full range of features to meet the diverse needs of your projects


When new content needs to be translated, the Connector can automatically send the content to TBMS. The whole process is fully automated with no manual operation, which can greatly save the project budget expenses and shorten the project duration.


ECI Connector ensures a secure connection between the two systems, and avoids unauthorized access to your system by third-party plug-ins to change structural data.


Implementing process automation with Connector reduces the amount of effort spent in manual copying and pasting in the traditional process, making the translation process more convenient and efficient without omissions and errors.


This all-in-one platform comes with user-friendly and easy-to-operate interface that helps you easily manage contents and shorten the project management duration.

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