Multinational companies need to double their globalization efforts as the world quickly transforms into a global community. To meet the rising demand for product and market globalization/localization, translation and localization service providers need an efficient way to manage resources. The translation and localization industry is facing common challenges: How can we better utilize and manage a pool of translators across the globe? How can we solve the problems of geographic distance and time difference? How can we provide customers with multi-language translation services on an ongoing basis?

Cloud CAT, a cloud translation solution from EC Innovations, allows more than 5,000 native speaker translators and SMEs to work together online wherever they are, and to provide premium translation services in 120+ languages.

A standard work environment

EC Innovations boasts a pipeline of 5,000+ professional translators and SMEs who all work on the same platform. Thanks to centralized management and a streamlined workflow, translators can focus on translation projects for increased efficiency.

Centralized data storage and management

Customers’ Project files, term bases, and corpora are encrypted and stored on a cloud server, only accessible to project teams specialized and dedicated to each customer. Project members can access the data anytime, anywhere, and via any device. ECI Cloud CAT supports automatic generation of work logs that include translators’ previous projects and quality review. These help to identify the right translators for your project.

Real-time, effective communication

ECI Cloud CAT enables simultaneous performance of tasks such as translation, proofreading, QA, and expert consultation. The embedded IM tool allows for efficient real-time communication across the workflow. Term bases and translation memories are updated and reviewed in real time, so that new terms and metadata are displayed for translators and reviewers as soon as they become available, which helps ensure accuracy and consistency.

Transparent procedures

ECI Cloud CAT features customized CMS Connectors that show customers the entire translation process, enabling an easy grasp of project progress, instant access to QA reports, and strict quality control.

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