ECI EZ-Review

EZ-Review is a cloud-powered platform for reviewing, proofreading, and QA. Available on both PC and mobile devices, it lets multiple users instantly modify and add comments to bilingual files at the same time, and it can generate revision reports. Compared to a CAT-embedded bilingual proofreading function, EZ Review is easier to work with, with no additional cost required for customers’ QA to get on board.

Different access rights

EZ-Review supports three types of accounts: PM, Translator, and Reviewer, to grant permissions for project management, translation, and review, respectively.

Progress tracking and reminders

After creating a project and uploading a corpus, you can set an email reminder for the delivery date to ensure smooth project progress.

Efficient review

The customer’s QA team can log on to the Reviewer account to add comments to segments. Such comments are visible to translators, who will revise their translation accordingly to enable higher review efficiency.

QA reports

EZ-Review can export translated files for delivery, and the translations before and after revision in addition to specific revisions for backup.

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